Portfolio App Development


Rainbow Eaters, an app that combines “Eat the Rainbow” and In-Season Produce into one model, helps us know what to eat and which recipes to prepare during the season. You’ll discover that every season has its rainbow, complete with things to eat and drink for exactly one calendar month. Additionally, everyone in the same home has more pleasant shopping and eating when they adhere to the “Eat Me Rainbow” plan! Even when placing restaurant or delivery orders, you can assist other people in choosing healthier foods.


They requested the development of an app so they could eat and drink for exactly one calendar month without having to struggle with an electronic health record or a computer screen because their firm was just getting off the ground. They asked us to create an app with Push Notifications, Deeplinking, and their preferences to accomplish that. They also asked that a completely new User Interface be made just for their app in addition to these.


Rainbow Eaters wishes to expand its user base because it is still in its early stages. It was essential to find a solution that took into account both points of view because Application Design & Development required tight collaboration.

  • Rainbow Eaters distinguishes itself from comparable works by being a technologically sophisticated and interactive application.
  • The application's designs had to be similar to one another. so that the apps' users can take use of a unified user interface.
  • The app's design was complex and could match Rainbow Eaters specifications for changing pages thanks to several technologies, including Node, Firebase, Direct Native, and Multi-Lingual.
  • To keep their designs consistent and satisfy their clients' changing needs, the team is working through a lot of conflicts.


To discuss the user interface and graphic design of the program, we frequently talked with the Rainbow Eaters team. to fulfill their requirements, which immediately spoke to their brand.

  • We enhanced the site's identity with the Rainbow Eaters team. This allowed us to verify that our idea was entirely original and to gather information on the everyday mood of the group.
  • We were able to create an identical user experience for the application thanks to the collaboration between the graphic design and app design teams. To do this, we completely revamped the commodities infographic for the mobile application.


We're pleased to announce that every application has been received. Now that our web pages look new and are easy to modify, we can update them with confidence. The program's accessibility also makes it easier for users to find the necessary data. The new application required a lot of work from both teams.