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Sabine Boutique

Two sisters who shared a passion for fashion launched Sabine, an e-commerce site where you can buy the newest styles of clothing, purses, abayas, accessories, jewelry, and other items. People might discover the newest fashion trends in Sabine for a reasonable price. They do so because they recognize the value of wearing modestly and tastefully. Sabine wants to provide its consumers with fashionable, high-quality apparel that is also reasonably priced and suits their lifestyles.


At first, we had two to three encounters with them, and they asked for. It was a dated webpage. They, therefore, sought to alter the website's overall design by making it more atheistic and aesthetically pleasing. Whether they want to add or change a product on the website should not be challenging. It is preferable for each product page to be distinct and can show the relevant products in the suggestion. Additional payment gateways ought to be introduced. Users can choose from a variety of currencies for payments. To collect all the chosen items, a cart system should be included.


After hearing their plea. We did a deep analysis of the website and discovered the following issues or challenges.

  • The website's outdated design lacked any elements that would capture users' attention. The bounce rate went up as a result of visitors leaving the website.
  • It was challenging to use the platform the website was previously on for website maintenance and SEO.
  • The system required a method to add items to sales and verify that the business owner was a real person without putting the security of the system at risk by requesting sensitive data.
  • The website's layout omitted important details. Visitors had difficulty locating products or items that were similar, which reduced sales.
  • Because the website is global, it was challenging to integrate many payment options in different currencies based on the users' locales.
  • To enable users to view the website from any device, it would need to be responsive.


We had to hold several meetings because the procedure took a long time to complete. After tackling each issue one at a time.

  • The new website was coded and developed in Word Press, making it simpler to carry out any required upgrades. The new tool, which helps SEO, will raise their Google search ranks.
  • Website visitors may now see the items without any text getting in the way since the image of the products on the website pages is no longer covered by text.
  • Woo commerce was introduced since it is an e-commerce website. As a result, the owner may quickly update or replace the product without worrying about how the website is coded.
  • A plugin that automatically shrinks the size of the image without sacrificing image quality was installed which increases the speed of the website.
  • When a user changes their location, a custom piece of code on the website causes the product's currency to change automatically.


With a new website that reflects the style and beauty of our vision, now we can find it easier to update the website. Our goods now come in an approachable manner that highlights each one's features. Because the website is powered by Word Press, performance has increased and it is now simpler to manage future SEO efforts. The checkout process works perfectly and gives customers a smooth transition from browsing goods to adding them to their shopping carts.