8Topuz App

Monday April 1, 2019

8Topuz App

April 1, 2019

8Topuz App

8TOPUZ is an A.I. automated asset management platform that is accessible through a smartphone device. Network with a large number of registered FX Brokers directly to a new or current trading account. 8Topuz do not hold the funds from the client.
Topuz is a comprehensive new technology applied to capital markets through artificial intelligence. Our platform allows us to utilize and implement artificial intelligence to the FX market.
To use the software simply use your social network or email address to sign. Link as many trading accounts as you can, and use a complex A.I. Trading program which analyzes market data for 10 years and recognizes business opportunities.
8topuz Technology for Automated Wealth Management would streamline the whole investing cycle and customize it to suit the needs of: investors, traders, fund managers, market introducers.
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The Request

8Topuz App included the creation of a full-fledged framework that would entail comprehensive planning and detailed analysis. Implementation consists of a set of recommendations that are implemented to reach the next step of application growth. The device offers an easy-to-use, press, call-to-action icon. The theme layout includes sleek, detailed images of the brands, options, objects, utilities, collections, initiatives, etc.
Together with 8Topuz App, the Delimp team operates as a application-building business with its internal partners to develop a customer-friendly, sponsored platform that contains resources, ventures, contacts and a number of internal pages according to the details and checklist provided in the application.


The team at Delimp is terrific with everything, communication, creativity, speed, and accepting and interpreting critical feedback and turning it into something amazing. A team like theirs is tough to find.

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