Aqar Chain

Tuesday March 26, 2019

Aqar Chain

March 26, 2019

Aqar Chain

Aqar chain is the latest traditional real estate sector to support sales, purchases, confidence and peer-to-peer communication across the modern tokenized economy. It includes a utility token that helps to produce revenues where appropriate transfers are made in custodial terms by utility token. Ancillary resources such as legal assistance, development and architecture are accessible where the company would be sold by incentive scheme and tokenized payments.

Operating as a platform for liquid real estate with precise rates, it allocates tokens of land ownership to reflect immovable. Aqar chain aims to act as an immobilization network for more prospects in the blockchain period. This program would allow investors exclusive exposure to a new, profitable asset class that brings benefits to their portfolios. We will mention the property to generate fractional ownership demand custody.

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The Request

Aqar chain asked to develop a website to be established, which would require thorough preparation and careful analysis. The implementation cycle consists of a checklist of ideas applied to achieve the next development phase of website development. The website includes a user-friendly portal, clickable & call to action buttons, etc. The theme developed involves a streamlined, quick and low-cost method of spending, receiving income streams and exchanging asset gains without any legislative pressure and transaction-related constraints.

The Aqar chain developed website is a highly descriptive streamline the cycle of real estate investment through enabling investment of fiat and cryptocurrencies into real estate assets and with the choice of paying returns in either currency selected. It includes banners, about section, team, blog, contact us section etc.

Aqar Chain

We received far more designs than we had anticipated, thanks to a process that allowed us to give specific feedback to designers. Overall a great experience and ended up with incredible website.

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