Blocknous Consultants PVT LTD

Tuesday March 19, 2019

Blocknous Consultants PVT LTD

March 19, 2019

Blocknous Consultants PVT LTD

Blocknous Consultants Private Limited is a Blockchain and AI technology company located in India that focuses on the production of enterprise grade applications. They are a community of academics, experts with the central goal of brainstorming and translating innovative ideas into organizational approaches that can address actual market problems.
Their central emphasis is on relentless creativity to achieve the ultimate objective of sustainability and through delivering high quality services and solutions grow as a globally recognised business.
Area of focus of Blocknous Consultants Private Limited mainly on:
● Blockchain
● Artificial intelligence
● Drones
● Robotics
ICO solutions include development of Whitepaper, Crowd sale Portal, Smart Contracts using Ethereum, NEO, Stellar, Waves or EOS. We also engage in ICO Marketing, Community support and Investor outreach.
Enterprise software includes AI, IOT and Personal Blockchain. It increases operational performance and significantly reduces the expense of the network. We help our customers develop a safer, quicker, and simpler business operation.

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The Request

Blocknous Consultants Private Limited requested to develop six pages full-fledged
website with pages as home, services, platforms, academy, insights, career, contact us etc. In the starting phase of the website development, the execution process includes a list of working of ideas that are added to execute the next developing step. The website consists of a blue theme with more on banners that are clickable, call to action button, about the services.
The blue colour theme includes more pictures, services, platforms, academy, insights,
options to choose from. While working with Blocknous Consultants Private Limited, Delimp team work together with their internal members as a website development partners to create a customer-friendly website with product pictures, themes, offers, call to action as per the requirement of the company.


We received far more designs than we had anticipated, thanks to a process that allowed us to give specific feedback to designers. Overall a great experience and ended up with incredible website.

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