Friday August 21, 2020


August 21, 2020


BROSFORD was established in 1989 by a dutch consultancy company that majorly focuses on Price control, cost reduction, and management of the interims. The development and distribution of tailor-made Value Reduction based products is part of the core activity. Today, BROSFORD includes numerous businesses in different European countries, benefiting from synergetic effects. You may instantly request full-fledged professionals in the Netherlands, Germany, France, and England, who possess vast expertise and widely dispersed realistic experiences.

BROSFORD Business Support, a global cross-border service, helps you develop new business connections in the Netherlands and Europe. In this way, you can save money and concentrate on your core business. BROSFORD will also be focused on the future by investing in new third party innovations and technologies. It is possible to engage in creative ventures and/or cooperate with other organizations and address succession circumstances. BROSFORD gives you exclusive opportunities to meet in specific business ventures.

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After having a firm discussion with the team of BROSFORD, we came up with the portfolio of a user-friendly website with a homepage and 5 primary internal pages, which include sections such as home, about us, services, references, and contact us. In the initial development of website design, the team started to work on the checklist, which includes the significant development steps in the initial phase of website designing and development and finally to execute the development second stage. The website consists of a theme that integrates its specifications and overview of the services extensively with the confidential form in the downward of the homepage, including first name, last name, phone number, email address, and how can we help you?.

The theme is totally based on an informative design, where a significant section of the website actually covers the services, relatability, details, needs, and trust factors.
Delimp team develops and designs the website with BROSFORD, as website design and development partners with their top internal leaders to create a customer-centered, easy-to-operate website with initial page creation, contact us and click a button as requested for business requirements, third party innovations and technologies.


The team at Delimp is terrific with everything, communication, creativity, speed, and accepting and interpreting critical feedback and turning it into something amazing. A team like theirs is tough to find.


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