Robbins Brothers

Robbins Brothers

Back in the 1920s, a modest guy called Ben Tipp opened a jewellery store and handled customers as tourists even before Seattle corporations Starbucks and Amazon were renowned for their consumer service. His love for excellence makes the shop a must-visit to mark a special day for rings, wedding jewellery and presents. So whoever came in the door was given a perfect red apple from Washington to indulge while they browse.

Eugene Robbins embodied the second generation of jewellers with an eye for precision craftsmanship and commitment to make the consumer satisfied. In the 1950s he bought a shop from local jeweller William Pitt when he moved the family to Pasadena, California.

All the while, getting an exceptional education on gems and metals, and impeccable standard of value. Interestingly, the real importance of customer care made quite an impact on young people. The brothers wanted to concentrate on supporting couples in love, and in 1995 in Fullerton, California, they launched the first “Robbins Brothers, World’s Biggest Engagement Ring Shop.”

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Robbins brothers demanded a full-fledged website establishment which would require thorough preparation and careful analysis. The implementation consists of a checklist of ideas applied to achieve the next development phase. The website consists of a user-friendly website, clickable buttons, call to action, etc. The theme developed involves a streamlined, beautiful & high-end idea of products, buying the product option, gifts, services & warrants, designer collections etc.
Working with Robins brother, the Delimp team partners with their internal representatives as a website developer interface to build a customer-friendly supported portal that incorporates payment systems with engagement rings, engagement diamonds, wedding rings, clearance, booking a virtual appointment and options as per the requirement.
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