Portfolio Web Development

AGS Infra

AGS is a consultancy firm offering assistance in property investment. With over a decade of experience working alongside renowned developers, AGS transitioned to consultancy in 2020 to provide top-notch property portfolio management services. Their due diligence includes evaluating projects, developers, and legalities before presenting options to clients or investors. They prioritize qualitative analysis and flawless fund management, ensuring optimal growth in the real estate sector.


The request was for designing a website with essential features for a property investment consultancy firm. These include a property search function for seamless browsing, an appointment booking system to streamline client interactions, and a responsive layout for optimal viewing across devices. Additionally, they require a quick chat feature for instant customer support.


  • Integrating the property search function requires connecting the website to a database of listings. Which was posing a challenge because the listings come from multiple sources.
  • There were challenges while appointment booking integration ensuring smooth data flow and user experience
  • Responsive design challenges.


  • Utilized WordPress plugins specifically designed to integrate with multiple listing services (MLS) and PTB to create custom property post types.
  • Integrated a booking appointment plugin compatible with WordPress to enable users to schedule appointments directly from the website.
  • Ensured the WordPress theme used for the website is responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • Integrated a live chat plugin compatible with WordPress, to enable quick and real-time communication with website visitors.


The property search function has made it incredibly easy for our clients to browse listings seamlessly. The responsive layout ensures that our website looks great on any device, enhancing the user experience. The Delimp team has done great work. Thanks, Delimp team!