Portfolio App Development


Primary care practitioners can screen, evaluate, and treat behavioral symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias from the comfort of their phones, rather than the burdensome barrier of an electronic health record or computer screen. To help primary care physicians manage the rising number of patients with cognitive decline, the San Diego County Alzheimer’s Project Clinical Roundtable, a group of neurologists, psychiatrists, geriatricians, and other specialists, developed best practice guidelines based on international evidence.


They asked for the creation of an app so they could evaluate and treat behavioral symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias from the comfort of their phone in hand rather than the burdensome barrier of the electronic health record or computer screen because their business was just getting started. To do that, they asked us to design an app that had Push Notifications, Deeplinking, and their preferences. In addition to these, they requested that a brand-new User Interface be created specifically for their app.


Since AlzDxRx is still in its early stages, it wants to increase its user base. It was essential to find a solution that combined both perspectives because Application Design & Development needed to be tightly coordinated with one another.

  • The creation of AlzDxRx is very distinctive because it is a technology-driven and interactive application.
  • The application's designs had to resemble one another. so that the apps' consumers can enjoy a unified user interface.
  • The app's design was complex and could meet AlzDxRx standards when it came to changing pages with the help of numerous technologies like Node, Firebase, Direct Native, and Multi-language.
  • There is a lot of conflict within the team as they try to keep their designs consistent and keep up with the changing demands of their customers.


We communicated often with the AlzDxRx team to discuss the application's user interface and graphic design. To meet their needs, which instantly spoke to their brand.

  • Together with the AlzDxRx team, we improved the site's identity. This gave us the ability to confirm that our concept was wholly original and to obtain data regarding the community's general mood daily.
  • The collaboration between the graphic design and app design teams allowed us to produce an identical user experience for the application. We redesigned and reworked the commodities infographic for the mobile application to achieve the goal.


We're happy to report that all of the applications have been submitted. We can update our web pages with confidence now that they have a fresh appearance and are simple to edit. The availability of the program also makes it simpler for users to locate the data they need. Both teams put forth a lot of effort to create the new application.