Portfolio Web Development

Aqar Chain

Aqarchain is a blockchain-based platform for tokenizing real estate assets that aims to establish a decentralized environment where buying real estate is as simple as buying stock on the stock exchange. By fractionalizing and minting real estate NFT, this goal is accomplished. Aqarchain has developed a Metaverse AqarLand that corresponds to physical locations. They were the first to fractionalize non-fungible transfer (NFT) of real estate assets. By turning the real-world real estate asset into a digital one, we have also transformed this. By doing away with all middlemen through this platform, we at aqarchain have focused on offering a seamless experience in transactions in a wholly digital manner.


As they are new in this business field. They asked for a website with a luxury editorial feel and communicated that to their audience. They also needed a website that had functionality in order to guide potential customers to engage with their products and make a purchase. Therefore, they asked us to create a website that can be used for both buying and selling. Also shows their personality.


  • Due to their unique idea and high craze in the blockchain market. It is challenging to design a website that is both useful and presents its idea to the world.
  • Aqarchain offers a variety of alternatives for its goods. As a result, they had trouble handling and navigating the website's backend.
  • They are using their own cryptocurrency as well as us dollar. It is essential to create a fully functional and safe payment system.
  • It was difficult to learn crucial information about their AQR and how their AQR related to money. They initially needed to tweak the website's user interface to make sure customers could find what they were searching for easily.
  • To portray the share and fraction of the property in an appealing and informative manner.


As the website requires lots of backend work. So after discussing with the backend and as well as frontend. So they decided to use react as the main coding language.

  • To make the website more user-friendly, a completely new user interface was created.
  • To help the user comprehend how the website functions and what AQR is, a completely new body of information has been developed.
  • To make the process quicker and more streamlined, everything is completed in the backend. It is necessary to first register an account before you can sell or buy anything on the website.
  • We developed various files and multiple sections to avoid overlapping, which makes the website more mobile-friendly.


We love their new website, and the improvements to the KPIs we've seen in the analytics demonstrate that users are interacting with the information on the site and finding what they're looking for. Our website's responsiveness has also improved as a result of the website's backend. Based on user input and our observations of how the site is being used, we continue to adapt, modify, and improve the website. It has been incredibly gratifying to hear about visitors' positive experiences using the website. Thanks to Delimp, our website is now responsive and quick.