Portfolio Web Development

Cannabis Capitol

Cannabis Capitol is the community and industry’s leading informational hub. Thanks to their innovative strategy for tying every aspect of the company together, they create a platform for voices to be heard and skills to be shown. As Cannabis Capitol is dedicated to providing a behind-the-scenes peek into the lives of local business owners, entrepreneurs, activists, artists, and community leaders. They are a comprehensive platform that aims to inform, amuse, and unite like-minded people.


Cannabis is a community-based website, thus there were many requests made of them. They originally requested to make a mobile-friendly website as well as an SEO-friendly website. Due to the website's outdated user interface and it’s taking so much time to load. Therefore, they asked us to create a user experience where everything is simple to discover and is presented in an engaging way.


There were several things to do with little time, including:-

  • Their website wasn't responsive to mobile devices, which led an increasing number of users on phones and tablets to leave the website.
  • There should be a way for website owners to add videos or blogs without affecting other content, such as the website's coding.
  • Since the website loads slowly due to a large number of videos, another way of uploading videos is required.
  • The design was boring and had become dated, further discouraging visitors from watching videos and reading blogs.


Since all of the issues are real, immediate action is required. Thus, we made the decision to create two teams to tackle all the issues.

  • Word Press along with coding was used to create the website’s blog page, making it easier for company owners to upload daily content without worrying about the code.
  • As the website blog page was made separately with the help of Word Press.
  • The website's design makes it simple to browse and locate the information you need, with a search box on the home page and several categories to sort by businesses.
  • The site speed metrics were set up to support their SEO marketing
  • We used two different platforms like YouTube to upload the videos which reduced the website load drastically and make it easy to load.


Since I don't have anything against creativity and am not wedded to strict, specific systems, I allowed them free rein. They completed all of my requests quickly, and delimp's work matched my expectations completely. The website now has a simple, understandable structure. Avoid going off-topic or on tangents, and indicate transitions clearly, especially now that websites are loading more quickly which changed the user experience completely.