Portfolio Web Development


CKTAgency is an all-in-one resource. With the intention of developing a learning environment that would aid in the student’s personal growth and allow them to learn the required material. Given that they are a legally recognized education consultant in The Bahamas. By providing them with the chance to bridge the gap between high school and college, they are already assisting the students by addressing their educational demands and difficulties.


They agreed to alter CTKAgency's whole website after their initial meeting. Due to the website's age and insufficient material, its objective was not fully represented. They thus desire a website that represents them to the public. They also asked us to build new pages for their testimonials addition to this. They wanted to remove some error pages as they are Bad user experience.


When viewing CKTAgency’s previous website, the design wasn't all that impressive. There wasn't much material, and what there turned out to be inaccurate or out of date. This was accompanied by a large number of broken page links, which hurt their SEO by directing users to 404 pages rather than the original search results. The problem of content editing simply became worse with time.


The website's design was the first step in making sure it supported its objective. If a visitor was seeking a certain area of their site, the design was made more engaging and simpler to navigate. 404 links were removed during the process, and outdated material was updated to represent the ministry as it is now. All revisions and updates were simplified to make it simple for the customer to make any changes they desire.


We are very impressed with your ability to make concisely. Not only did you fulfill the work, but you also improved the SEO that went beyond the prompt. Doing so within the time limit and doing it well deserves recognition. One result is that outside of the home page the entire website is focused exclusively on the arguments –there’s no excess fat on this website. Given the nature of the work, that’s great. As noted throughout,