Portfolio App Development

Community Vision

The “How Are You?” app was developed by Community Vision in response to the success of our Red & Green cards during the pandemic’s peak. It is a platform that focuses on Community mood where the registered user can express their feelings if they are happy or sad through Application & get notifications according to their mood. Designing & developing a platform with a focus on Community vision where the registered user can express their moods as it was necessary for application design and development.


As they were in the starting stage of their business, so they requested to create an app for Designing & developing a platform with a focus on Community vision where the registered user can express their moods if they are happy or sad when they open the Community Vision Application. To do that they asked us to Design an app according to their preferences & integration of Push Notifications & Deeplinking.


Community Vision wanted to grow its user base as they are in its early stage. A solution that united both experiences was crucial because Application Design & Development required to be closely synchronized with one another.

  • Being a technology-driven and interactive application, Community Vision's development is particularly unique.
  • The application's designs are required to be similar. so that users of the apps can experience a consistent user interface.
  • When it comes to changing pages with the aid of various technologies like Node, Firebase, Direct Native, and Multi-language, the app construction was complicated and could satisfy Community vision expectations.
  • The main battle is to maintain their designs consistently and stay up with the expanding wants of their consumers, there is a lot of conflict within the team.


We communicated often with the Community Vision team to discuss the application's user interface and graphic design. To meet their needs, we first built the Curious Application, which instantly spoke to their brand.

  • To improve the site identity, we collaborated with the Community Vision team. This offered us the chance to ensure that our idea was entirely original and to successfully gather information about the daily moods of the community.
  • We were able to create an identical user experience for the application because of the collaboration between the graphic design and app design teams. To accomplish the goal, we completely revamped and revised the goods infographic for the mobile application.


We're pleased to announce that the applications are complete. Now that our sites have a new look and easy editing, we can update them with confidence. The application's presence also makes it easier for users to find the data they require. The new application was developed with a great deal of work from both teams.