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Curious Poll

Curious is an app that gives you the chance to win every single day by answering one question to be in the daily draw. It’s that simple. You will be able to compare your response to everyone else’s once you have completed your daily question. There is a prize every day, and as the community grows, the jackpots will rise. You will receive a notification when you win; an app for designing and creating a platform with polls and questionnaires.


As they were in the starting stage of their business, so they requested to create an app for Designing & developing a platform with polls & Questionnaires where the registered user has a chance of winning rewards & referrals by posting polls & Questionnaires. To do that they asked us to Design an app according to their preferences & integration of Push Notifications & Deeplinking. Apart from these, they asked to develop & Design a whole new User Interface, especially for their app.


Curious wanted to grow its user base as they are in its early stage. Application Design & Development had to be closely coordinated with one another, so a solution that unified both experiences was really important.

  • Due to Curious being a technology-driven application so its development is also not the same.
  • The designs for the application had to be similar. So that Customers can experience an identical user interface on the apps.
  • The app building was complex and did not meet their expanding needs when it comes to altering pages with the help of different technologies Node, Firebase, Direct Native & Multi-language.
  • There is a lot of tension among the team, as they struggled to make their designs similar and keep up with the growing needs of their customers.


We communicated often with the Curious team to discuss the application's user interface and graphic design. To meet their needs, we first built the Curious Application, which instantly spoke to their brand.

  • We worked together with the customer to achieve this by creating a better site identity. This gave us the chance to make sure that we came up with a completely original idea and effectively explained the value of the product to customers.
  • Thanks to the teamwork between the app design and graphic design teams, we were able to produce an identical user experience for the application. We entirely rebuilt & redesigned the items infographic for the mobile application to achieve the goal.


We're happy to report that the applications have been finished. We can update our sites with confidence now thanks to the new design and easy editing. Additionally, having the application in place makes it simpler for users to locate the information they need. Both teams put a lot of effort into the creation of the new application.