Portfolio Web Development


With the mission of making innovation matter, Jumpstart has expanded into all avenues of the entrepreneurial ecosystem to provide a comprehensive suite of customized services to start-ups.
Through its four primary business divisions—media/events, corporate partnerships, youth outreach, and venture engagements—Jumpstart, an organization that provides innovation as a service, links and promotes Asia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Jumpstart essentially offers a platform for start-ups, business owners, investors, and other interested parties to interact and work together on innovative and meaningful projects that may change the world.


Jumpstart operates in four industries, including media/events, cooperative partnerships, youth outreach, and venture engagements, as a well-diversified business. As a result, Their main request is they need a website that outlined the goals and services of their business. Second a website with a different magazine theme Third anyone can submit the event and press release Anyone can also look for any events


After hearing their plea. While developing and designing the site, we ran across the following issues.

  • Making the website mobile-friendly was not simple to do. The layout of the site could change depending on screen size, however, it did not alter effectively.
  • The landing page was unable to accommodate important information, such as news updates and forthcoming events. Due to this, it was more difficult for website users to find the events or information they would be interested in, which could have increased the bounce rate.
  • The summiting form became lengthy as a result of gathering information about the events and summiting them, which was bad for UX.
  • The website needs to stand out and entice visitors to see what they have to offer because there are many appealing magazine websites for consumers to visit.


We had to create a plan in order to overcome these obstacles because we had to make this website entirely out of starch.

  • We had to compile a list of our rivals and determine how to set ourselves apart from the others by making this more attractive.
  • Word Press was used to make the website, making it simple for the team to make modifications. With unrestricted access, there are additional features. It will be simpler to incorporate any upcoming changes, such as content, features, and expansions.
  • Visitors may view activities and the most recent news and articles without having to browse the website because news updates and future events are prominently displayed on the main page. This accessibility will boost user retention rates and encourage them to stay on the website longer.
  • Elementor improved the website's functionality by offering a drag-and-drop editor that makes editing pages simpler. This enables the jumpstart team to see changes to the page they are changing before publishing it.
  • We kept the Form length up to the point. Keeping it short and simple for that plugin was used along with coding which gathers all the important information.


Thanks to the collective work of the Delimp In-front Team, we now have a stunning website with a crystal-clear explanation of what we hope to achieve. With Word Press' assistance, is set up to accommodate both their present and future initiatives, and now we can easily make any changes to the website. Without having to leave the landing page, visitors will be able to locate news, stories, and upcoming events, which will assist to enhance retention rates. And with a significant improvement to our SEO rankings, the website will compete with other sites of a similar nature and move a step closer to our objective.