Portfolio Web Development


Kiya is a consulting company with a focus on hiring and HR procedures. As they provide employees to businesses in every vertical position imaginable. They are considered one of the greatest talent acquisition consultants in Australia as they Guide and support your candidates throughout their journey and Aid the participants, both employees and job seekers. Kiya enables you to proactively champion and advocate for your jobseekers to help them secure employment quickly and easily, whilst supporting employers to find high-quality candidates for vacant positions.


Although we didn't ask for much, their key desire was that their website should be future-proof so they could stand out from the competition. Despite this, they still desired to make a few minor adjustments, such as changing colors pattern that complemented their brand, and wanted to develop a mobile-friendly website.


Although they don't have any explicit demands, still there are a few small things they would like to add. In order to meet future demands.

  • Apprentice Personnel's market is competitive, making it vital that their website stands out.
  • The legacy site’s design was outdated and a little bit confusing design, which increased the chance potential employers and employees would turn away and search elsewhere.
  • The website was not mobile-friendly, making it challenging to use on tablets and phones. They wanted to keep the same layout but made it more modern and sleek.
  • It was challenging to update pages with fresh information or make announcements since the website's content management system was challenging to use and grasp at a glance.


We had to make the adjustments listed below in order to overcome all of these obstacles.

  • A new home page with brilliant colors and an emphasis on a more contemporary style was added to the website. In order to stand out from the rest of the competitions.
  • Employers and users may now visit the website on any device and submit inquiries, resumes, video resumes, and timesheets thanks to the addition of mobile responsiveness.
  • The website's landing page displayed gateways to prominent sites, making it simple for both employers and job searchers to choose their next steps. Encouraging website users to browse around and learn more about how Apprentice Personnel may assist them in finding workers or positions, will also lower the bounce rate.


Thanks to Delimp, with their new landing page and website design. As a result of the CTA button, our conversation is increased by 3 times as the visitor ought to be able to find exactly where it is. The team provided to us was great and skillful in their craft, which includes the look of the website and most of the functionality of how a section should work on the site. Whether or not you use meta-tags or graphic, everything is done great and have a clear structure that is easy to follow