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M. Target

M. Target Group was established in 2014 in Cyprus, a perfect location for globally-oriented companies. The company quickly gained a reputation for its innovative and strategic approach to business, as well as its dedication to customer satisfaction.
M. Target Group is a global company with a strong base of local and international customers. The company has a highly motivated, dynamic team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing the best possible service to its clients. Whether you’re a high net-worth individual or a business looking for a partner to help you grow, M. Target Group is the company you can trust.


As M. Target Group was founded in Cyprus in 2014. They had an outdated website that was sluggish and had terrible navigation. They thus asked us to create a whole new website that addresses all of these issues in addition to what they desired. English and Russian should be available on their website. A theme with a unique, professional design. Must support SEO. Capable of communicating their services, missions, and vision.


We discovered the following issues or challenges after analyzing the website in depth.

  • Given that they are a team of professionals with extensive expertise, the primary need for their website is that it appears professional.
  • They want the content of their website to be written in both English and Russian, and they want it to be simple for anybody to change the language at any time or on any page.
  • The menu system was inadequate. It was tiny and located extremely towards the top of the page, which made it difficult to view and discouraged users from browsing the website.
  • Because they serve so many businesses by offering so many services. Thus, the website failed to aesthetically enhance and engage users with its products and services.
  • An overall engaging and appealing site that emphasizes its offerings and the company's mission without being overly busy or minimalist.


The website's content should be written in either English or Russian, as the owner requests. So we came up with this solution

  • By moving their website onto Word Press and using plugins that let users modify the language of the site. We also employed strict coding techniques along with using plugins to speed up and improve the process. With the owner's ability to upload or change the material without being concerned about the coding.
  • The navigation was placed below the header and the wording was made larger to draw the viewer's attention to the remaining pages and entice them to explore the website further.
  • Simple backdrop textures were used to help the landing page look more professional and engaging.
  • All of the company's services are accurately described, and customer reviews are included.


With the new website, M. Target Group can now support the two languages, without worrying the page speed and overlapping tension. Thanks to Delimp's site design team, everything is done flawlessly. The website is straightforward, yet it is well-balanced, and the textured backgrounds serve to give it a professional appearance. Additionally, customers are encouraged to browse the website and see what M. Target Group has to offer thanks to easier-to-use navigation.