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Nafisa Kitchen

For more than 10 years, Nafisa’s Kitchen has been bringing the authentic taste of traditional taste of Arabic, Oriental, and Indian cuisine to the people of Canada. Their menu includes entrees, main dishes, and desserts, available for bulk orders as well as online ordering. From corporate, celebrations, and birthdays. Every single client was satisfied with Nafisa’s cooking. Nafisa’s culinary touch makes her food the most sought-after dish for people who love food that is deliciously authentic and irresistibly delicious.


Nafisa's Kitchen needed a complete website with several user interfaces and landing pages for various consumers. If a consumer wants to place an online or bulk order. Apart from this, they also requested us to develop a system that would allow people to place orders online without providing unneeded details. Additionally, all food products must to be shown clearly to improve user experience.


With both bulk orders and online sales, Nafisa's Kitchen has a variety of different visitors with multiple needs and the same user interface, which makes the site harder to use.

  • Therefore, the initial problem is to design two distinct user interfaces (UI) for those who want to shop online and for people who want to order in bulk.
  • The customer asks whether anyone wants to place a large purchase. He or she must meet the prerequisites, which include
  • He or she must place an order for 50 individuals for a birthday celebration.
  • He or she must place an order for 400 people for the wedding.
  • People found it difficult to order meals from the website because of its poor user interface, which raised its bonus rate.
  • All of these tasks must be completed in a timely manner.


As Nafisa's Kitchen deals with both bulk and online sales, it requires two distinct user interfaces for various clients. So we create a single loading page where clients may select whether they want to purchase in bulk or online.

  • We created different user interfaces for bulk and online ordering.
  • Which significantly lowers the bonus rate and raises the website's conversion rate
  • We create two different teams to work on the online ordering and the bulk ordering user interface which decreased the time drastically.
  • We created a whole new coding program to meet the client’s requirement for the minimum order for the birthday party.
  • As the ordering process was so complicated. So we designed a whole new user interface that simplifies the ordering process and increased the conversion rate.


We now have a website that prominently showcases our product without worrying that doing so would detract from the design thanks to the joint work of their website designers and development team. The website loads more quickly and makes it easy for people to purchase their goods after discovering them. They worked hard, and we immediately noticed a rise in conversions as a consequence.