Portfolio Web Development

The Fitting Room

The Fitting Room, founded by Shamlan, originated from a vision to redefine the shopping experience and empower fashion enthusiasts globally. Established in Dubai, it serves as a creative community connecting individuals who appreciate quality and originality with talented designers. Initially conceived as a physical space in 2013, it underwent a digital transformation in 2018 and launched in 2023. With a mission to revolutionize fashion, The Fitting Room supports designers worldwide, providing them with opportunities to thrive in the industry.


The client requested for an e-commerce website design with simple and intuitive navigation, prioritizing ease of use for customers. They require a user-friendly search function that makes it effortless for users to find products. Additionally, the website must be mobile-friendly to ensure seamless browsing on all devices. The Fitting Room also emphasizes the importance of secure payment options for users during the checkout process.


  • Ensuring the website loads quickly and handles high traffic volumes efficiently was a challenge
  • Fashion websites often require a high level of customization to showcase products effectively and provide a unique shopping experience. There were challenges in customizing Magento themes, extensions, and modules accordingly.
  • Ensuring the website is fully responsive and provides an optimal user experience across various devices and screen sizes posed a challenge


  • Build the entire fashion ecommerce website on Magento.
  • Customizing Magento themes, extensions, and modules as per the requirements.
  • Optimized Magento themes and layouts to support mobile responsiveness.


The navigation is so easy to use, the mobile-friendly design let everyone shop with ease and the secure payment options give our customers peace of mind during checkout. Thank you, Delimp, for delivering such a website for us!