Portfolio Web Development

Trivial Booking

The website trivialbooking.com is well renowned for giving artists and event coordinators the chance to interact and collaborate. You may find the proper individual here if you’re looking for anything like BOOK DEEJAYS AND LIVE ARTISTS WITH FESTIVALS, CLUBS, AND events. Hundreds of artists from across the world have already registered on the platform. This network not only offers chances for musicians and event organizers to connect, but it also offers DJ training courses. These training courses provide countless opportunities. A competent DJ will teach you the business’s ins and outs. This presents the chance to launch or advance your DJ career. This course offers a unique insight into this interesting package-like software that can provide various effects, instruments, and many creative sounds to enable the user to compose any type of music.


Since this is a DJ website, the primary need is that the website reflects their personality, which is why they want a dark style.  They desired to provide subscription choices. Therefore, the payment channel needs to be quick and safe. Users who have previously paid for the membership can enhance their profiles and share information depending on that subscription. Both owners and users have the ability to change a user's profile, but the owner has primary control. Artists can upload their work based on their subscription.


After hearing their requests. While developing the website, we faced these difficulties.

  • Finding and creating the required theme that met their needs and looked beautiful was really tough.
  • The subscription-based model plays the most significant role on the websites. The development of a code for it proved challenging.
  • The website's design obscured important information. Visitors were unable to easily identify good artists that were available, schedule an event, or get in touch with the crew when they had questions.
  • It was challenging to provide certain artists permission to change their profiles.


  • The website's design was the first step in making sure it supported its objective. If a visitor was trying to find a certain area of their website, the design was made more appealing and simpler to navigate.
  • We made the decision to consult the graphic design team. To come up with a suitable concept that would emphasize their personalities.
  • Word Press was used to create the new website, making it simpler for the owner to make any necessary updates without worrying about the website's coding. To address the issues with subscription-based services, a customized code was implemented.


The work put into developing a new website has been successful. Visitors may now search for what they are interested in and anticipate up-to-date material with no errors to be detected thanks to a clean design and updated content. We are certain that the content their visitors are viewing is always up to date since they have a simplified process for changing and updating it. Anyone may quickly locate an excellent artist and view future events.