Portfolio App Development


UGive2 allows you to become a part of a global village by assisting in the distribution of aid. By making modest changes, this world can become better. Start a fundraising event right away to take action. You may become a part of a global community with UGive2. They asked us to create an app with Push Notifications, Deep linking, and their preferences in order to accomplish that. They also asked for a completely new User Interface.


They asked for the creation of an app so they could immediately start a fundraising campaign. By helping with the provision of aid, UGive2 enables you to join a global community. To do that, they requested that we build an app with Push Notifications, Deeplinking, and their preferences. In addition to these, they requested that a brand-new User Interface be created specifically for their app.


Because it is still in its infancy, UGive2 wants to increase its user base. Application Design & Development required close cooperation, so it was critical to creating a solution that considered both points of view.

  • The fact that UGive2 is a technologically advanced and interactive application sets it apart from similar works.
  • The designs of the application required to resemble one another. so that users of the apps can utilize a single-user interface.
  • Thanks to a number of technologies, including Node, Firebase, Direct Native, and Multi-Lingual, the app's design was intricate and could adhere to UGive2 requirements for changing pages.
  • The app's design was intricate and could adhere to the UGive2 requirements for changing pages because of a number of technologies, including Node, Firebase, Direct Native, and Multi-Lingual.


We often communicated with the UGive2 team to discuss the user interface and graphic style of the program in order to satisfy their objectives, which immediately spoke to their brand.

  • With the UGive2 team, we improved the website's appearance. This gave us the opportunity to confirm that our concept was entirely original and to learn more about the group's general mood.
  • Thanks to the teamwork between the graphic design and app design teams, we were able to produce an identical user experience for the application. For the mobile application, we fully redesigned the commodities graphics to achieve this.


We're happy to report that we've received all applications. We can update our web pages with confidence now that they seem fresh and are simple to change. Users can find the essential data more easily because of the program's accessibility. Both teams had to put a lot of effort into the new application.