Logo Design & Branding

Our Logo Design, Branding & Corporate Identity process:

Know What to Add

Refining the logo for the company is a lengthy step. We would add colour and fine details. We allow the client to even test run the new logo—depending on its use—to view how it fares in the “real” world.

Know the Customer

It is important to understand what the customers feel about a company. Once we are familiar with their audience, we have ideas to morph into their logo.

Know the Client

There is no denying the fact that client plays the most significant part in the logo creation, principally because you want to radiate their values and what they trust. We begin by researching our client; asking in depth questions, learning as much as possible about what they want to convey through their brand. These elements need to be employed in the logo design.

Know the Competitor

It is important for the professional to know and understand the client’s competitor. We find out who is already out there and what they are doing, to set our side as apart.

Know its Use

The designers need to know how a logo should be broadcasted. If you are a online-based company we need to utilize different colour schemes, or black and white might be preferable for those who frequently need to photocopy essential documents.

Know Their Needs

We discuss with the client to understand their needs. After we finish sketching some drafts, we show our clients say about five of our best pieces, and make sure that nothing similar is floating around the market. Our experts try to keep things simple for the client to narrow it down.

Know Your Craft

When we quote our client, we discuss about the timeline as well. If our experts consider that to give the best result they need a lengthier time frame; we openly convey at the initial stage. Understanding that they will get a better outcome and a more detailed logo, clients happily accept. At DELIMP we focus on the task at hand and get the job done professionally.

Know How to Market

Well, this is not always necessary as this part is generally handled by the client. We however, try to give suggestions on what could add or how they can change it with simple adaptations to make a brand that will last in any circumstance.