How Good Graphics Design Make Your Business A Brand

Friday December 6, 2019

How Good Graphics Design Make Your Business A Brand

December 6, 2019

Graphic Design – Let us start with a simple question are you just a business or a brand. And what differentiates these two. If you are part of the crowd and following the same routine as others then probably you are just another business. However, if you dare to be different and showcase your values then you are a brand.

In this highly competitive market scenario, graphic designs help you to stand out. A good graphic design agency will help you achieve just that. Your logo is the simple form of graphic design representing your brand. You can even build up with brochures, visiting cards, packages, books, magazines, etc. as some of the other graphic designs. We have brought some proofs that show good graphics design-build a brand out of your business.

Importance of Graphic Design In Business Marketing

It Gives Best First Impression For Your Business- As a brand you want your customers to buy your product in the first look. Smart packaging designs help give that first impression to your customer. Yes! The good quality product must follow this; otherwise, it will not work again. We are your designing company in UAE with diversified work experience.

It Helps Establish a Company’s Brand In The Market- Logo is one simple design that helps build your brand identity. It forms the part of packaging, websites and visiting card. People remember your brand through your logo. A famous example is the red, white blue globe for Pepsi. We are the best graphic design agency in Dubai that focuses on creating the brand presence of its clients.

It Helps Convey A Consistent Brand Message- Everyone knows that a single image can convey messages equal to a thousand words. Your customized visual design will represent your brand and will provide consistency in your message. As the leading graphic design agency in Dubai, we know good design increases the engagement with the customers.

It Improves The Readability Of The Content- Whether it is on the website, package, brochure or any other item the design helps improve readability. For blogs, also it increases retention time. Images and visual designs increase the return on investment by increasing the conversion rate.

It Gives Higher Visibility To Your Advertisement- Nowadays; mix advertising through traditional ways of flyers, brochures and posters with social media marketing is the best way. Both require quality graphic designs to increase their reach among the audiences. The great design increases the visibility of your advertisement.

It Makes Your Brand More Memorable- This is probably the most important reason of them all. Once your brand’s memory has been created in the mind of your customers, they will ask for your product and services over your competitor. Good graphic design creates visual memory to match the quality of your product with it.

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To Sum Up

Visual designs have better memory retention than texts. This is the main concept that makes good graphic designs a better option to build your brand. We combine your business and graphics to build your brand.

The 5 Biggest Graphic Designing Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

November 11, 2019

A design with a purpose behind it says a lot about your brand. All the global businesses have their graphic designs made with a well-thought strategy in mind. All of us are their customers to some if not all of these companies. What attracts us first to buy their product? The package design lures us to buy the product and then we keep buying it because of its quality.

A simple logo can make or break the brand presence of a company. For example, a sphere-like shape with red, white and blue color is a logo for Pepsi globe. People across the globe recognize this logo and trust it. We are your graphic design companies in UAE that pay attention to your brand requirements and offer the best graphic designing services.

Maximum customers make their decision in a few seconds after seeing your logo, brochure, website, packaging or other design. It is similar to making your first impression that counts. However, many startups do not pay attention to the designing of their marketing material. This way they lose the interest of the prospective customers leading to lower conversions.

Here the role of a good graphic designer comes into play. They help to develop designs that your customers can relate to. We are a top graphic design company in Dubai with experience in different markets and customer understanding. We work with the colors, fonts, images, and illustrations to provide you attractive graphics to engage your customers.

For a beginner or even an experienced pro in graphic designing mistakes are bound to happen. But, those mistakes can be avoided. This article tries to highlight five biggest mistakes that you can avoid in graphic designing and take your business to the next level:

Here Are 5 Common Graphic Design Mistakes To Avoid

Not Paying Attention To The Instructions- The starting point for great design is to know what the purpose of the design is. For this, you need to sit with your client and gather as much information possible. Communication with the clients is very important and as the best graphic design companies, we take it seriously. There is no shame in asking many times if you are not able to understand the instructions or any information. Read the notes multiple times while brainstorming. This will give clarity to the project.

Using Too Many Fonts- There are various options available for the font type and size. If you can imagine it, you can create it. At times, this creates a lot of confusion. Experts suggest not using more than three fonts in a single layout. We are the best graphic design agency with a team of experienced designers to understand the importance of clarity in the design. Sometimes you need to adjust the space between the letters to make them look good. This process is called kerning. It is important because it makes the letter pleasing to the eyes. Always be careful of misusing kerning as it can lead to misinterpretation or spoiling the design outlook.

Misuse Of The Stock Images- It is not wrong to use the stock images for design preparation. But, one thing you should always keep in mind is about the copyright issues. This can land you and your client in trouble. The best thing would be if you get the images from the client himself. Many beginners stuff too many images into a single project. This reduces the overall aesthetic of the design and gives a cheap and unprofessional look. Also, customers have seen so many stock images out there. A design consisting of a stock image on the product package will feel cheap and the customer will not prefer to buy that product.

Not Leaving Enough Space- Congestion is a strict No! No! in any design. Just consider a simple fact of how you will be able to identify a person in an overcrowded place. This same thing applies to graphic designing concepts. The empty space is also referred to as “White Space”. Space is very important, especially while designing for E-learning.

Over Thinking And Non-Innovative Thinking- All the great designs out there are the result of innovative thinking. Graphic designing is a creative work, which requires thinking differently. Being stuck in the box will limit your creativity. Your mind needs to clear out before you start your work. Otherwise, overthinking can damage the results. Keep it simple and plan your work as per the instructions.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Graphic Design


If you are looking for advice then it is best to keep it simple. When you are trying too hard or not at all trying mistakes can happen. Making a simple plan with proper research helps you to avoid any mistakes. Delimp Technology communicates with the clients regularly to deliver the best work.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Graphic Design

October 24, 2019

Graphic Design – Creativity is an important skill that helps to solve many problems. There are many ways to express your creativity. And one of the ways is through work of art and designs. In present times, graphic designs have taken over the world. Right from the packages of the product, brochures, pamphlets, posters to the attractive looking website all are an example of brilliant use of graphic designs.

Suppose you have a business in Dubai in the UAE and you need to reach your local customers. You will need to hire a good Graphic Designing Agency in UAE, one that understands your needs. However, before you reach any Graphic Designing Agency you need to know why you need those graphics because that gives better clarity. Here are five things you did not know about graphic designing but you should know.

It Is A Powerful Way For Communication:

Various studies show that the human mind processes images much faster than things that are written or heard. This makes visual communication the most effective method to convey any information. As the best Graphic Design Agency in UAE, we create graphics that represent the exact statement of our clients.

Graphic Designs Give Your Company Unique Recognition:

The best example of a graphic design that becomes a unique symbol of your business is your logo. Yes, people recognize you through this simple graphic. If you are looking for your unique graphic or logo to represent your brand, we are here to help. We are the best web design company in Qatar

Graphic Designs Are Powerful Tool For Marketing:

Pictures and symbols are a great way to attract the attention of the people. Your website, poster, banner, logo, business card, package or brochures are very powerful marketing tools. Their design speaks a lot about you and your brand.

Graphics Help You Build A Strong Call To Action:

If you can influence someone to take any action to buy your product or service why would you let it go? Graphic designs have the power to influence people’s minds and take action, as you want them to. When you come to us, the best graphic design companies, you get expert designers working for you. You can easily use good graphics to get people to follow, register or buy your product with the call to action.

Graphic Designing Is Both an Art and Science:

While designing graphics you need to use both the parts of your brain right and left. You need to be creative at the same time you need to include logic into it. The purpose of graphic designs is not only to attract customers but also to influence them to take action.

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Graphics is not just pretty pictures with catchy words but is a work of greater precision. Designs are a powerful tool that helps in problem-solving during project development. They help in the promotion of your business through marketing. Delimp technology understands your needs to produce custom based graphics.