A Stepwise Guide To WordPress Website Designing For Beginners

Friday November 29, 2019

A Stepwise Guide To WordPress Website Designing For Beginners

November 29, 2019

How to Create a WordPress Website

Congratulations! you have chosen WordPress for the website development. WordPress alone accounts for more than 52% of the total website designing globally. It is the most preferred CMS (content management system) in the world. As the top WordPress web development company, we pick the right CMS for our clients as per their need to build a website.

On the contrary, if you are a beginner and looking to kick start your career in website designing. We bring to you an easy steps guide to WordPress website designing. It includes our years of experience in website designing and learning from them.

If You Know These Four Languages It Becomes Easy- The WordPress is built on PHP with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Though it is not necessary to be a wizard in these languages but still basic knowledge of these languages, it helps you to understand WordPress. Our experts have great command over four languages that make us best in WordPress development in UAE.

Follow These Simple Step And Design Your WordPress Website

Get Your Domain Name And Web Hosting– The First step is very simple, you decide what the purpose of your website is. You want it for business, personal use or hobby, and then based on the purpose buy a unique domain name. For hosting, get services of a trusted web hosting service provider. We are the best WordPress development company in Dubai that helps its clients to procure affordable hosting with proper security. We even guide clients into buying a domain name, which is marketable.

Next Install WordPress- You will need to install WordPress on your system. You can install it from the Bluehost marketplace swift install screen for WordPress. You can also manually install WordPress. Now browse through different themes you would like to use. Our experts with thorough knowhow of the CPanel, make us the best WordPress website development company.

Start Your Designing- After installing the WordPress you can choose from the thousands of options of theme available to you. All you need to do is to log in to the WordPress dashboard and select your theme from the Appearance section in the sidebar. You can select the theme based on your purpose. Now install the theme and you are ready to make the customization you want.

It Is Time To Add Content- For now you know how your theme looks but without content, you will not get a clear idea. You can add new pages to your theme by going to the dashboard and clicking on the add new in the pages section. Do not forget to save changes by clicking on the update button.

Get The Plugins To Help Customization- In the end, when you are done with the creation of the post and have updated the content on the website you will get the feel. Plugins are a great help to optimize your website.

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WordPress is a very simple tool to create your own website or blog. WordPress is used by individuals, businesses, and everyone in between! For a beginner, you can install and practice to improve the design of your website or blog.

How Much Money Do You Make From Your Android Application?

November 26, 2019

How Much Money Can You Earning From Apps

Earning From Apps – What comes to your mind when we take the names WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Wechat, Musicals App, and Twitter, etc? Yes! They are all names of mobile applications with earnings in billions of dollars. You have a great idea and you have approached an android app development company to make an application. Do you know making money of apps? Do you know what exactly your idea converted into an android app is worth? Do not worry because many businesses do not know that.

Making Money With an App

In 2018, alone mobile app revenues were over 365 billion US Dollars. And, it is estimated to cross over 935 billion US dollars by 2023. These are just small stats to show the potential that a mobile application posses. We are into android app development services and promotion. We understand what your idea is worth and how to promote a mobile application.

How Much Money Do You Make From Mobile Apps?

Now, another question of why make a mobile application? Studies show that about 90% of the time spent on mobile devices is on apps. Also, compared with websites it is more convenient for the user to login to an app to make a purchase. They get better deals and faster options. Now, you know that apps do make money but the question is how you make money through them. We have brought here some pointers to keep in mind to ensure you make good money from your android application.

Here Are Some Tips To Earning From Apps

Workout Your Idea And Its Market- Before you plunge in and get your app development started. You must first do market research for your idea with how you will make money from it. The best way is to study the competitors in the market. As the best android app development company in Dubai, we carry out market research for our client too. Market knowledge gives a clear idea for app designing and development with a proper marketing strategy.

Choose Your Platform Right- When you have done your market survey you will know where your prospective customers are. With this, you need to focus on the platform the majority of your customers use. Whether it is iOS or Android platform, you have to make a decision. As per statistics in the second quarter of 2018, 329.5 million Android-based mobiles were sold as compared to the 44.72 million based on iOS. When we compare the in-app purchase iOS makes twice sale compared with Android. But the number of Android users is very high making it a good choice of platform. Our expertise in both the platforms and greater market understanding makes us the top android app development company in the UAE.

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Choice Of Payment Gateway- The increases rate of online transactions has also increased cases for the security of online payment. You do not want your users to run away without buying your product over security concerns. You will have to choose the most compatible option. The most used mobile payment apps include Google Pay, Pay Pal, and Apple Pay, etc. You can also include the option of net banking for the payment.

Understand The Play Store- Google play store is the largest source for Android apps in the world. You can download the apps free or with the payment. In the play store, you have both the options of making your app available free of cost and paid. The play store works on the model of 70/30 that means it takes 30% of your earning and gives you 70%. It works on 30 days payment cycle.

What Is Your Revenue Model- You need to decide whether you want to make your app free to download or paid? This will form the basis for the marketing strategy of your Android app and how much money it is going to make. In case you decide to keep it free then you have multiple options in your hand. The first option is of in-app purchase, which is a wonderful option used beautifully by gaming and dating apps. Second, you can even tie-up with the companies to display their Ads. You can work on the click per view agreement for the pay. Again, you can have a subscription model for a per month or yearly basis. In this, the user has to pay the amount per month or once a year.

Think Beyond Phones- Do not get stuck with just mobile phones but think beyond them too. Nowadays, smart TV and smartwatches have come up. You need applications for them too. As time goes by, we will see more devices connecting through IoT (Internet of Things).


The moment you start your app development speaks to your android app development company about monetization. This blog will help you to learn, how to earning from apps. A smart app with smart marketing can make it viral and give you more money from it. We have an expert team helping clients make money from their apps.

What Is the Difference Between UI and UX? UI vs UX Design

November 21, 2019

Finally, you have decided what your product is going to look like and how you want your user to experience it. If you ever wanted to know what is UI UX design all about? Then this is the simplest way to understand them. The UI also called the user interface is responsible for giving the important pointers to the user suggesting the next move. The UX also is known as the user experience gives the user a good experience after following the pointers. Well, this is for the layman to understand the difference between the UI vs UX.

However, if you are a professional who is just beginning to understand the UI UX design differences, then you must dwell a lit tad more. With technology, advancing many lucrative career opportunities has come up. There is an opportunity to work as a web developer, which requires good coding skills, you can be a quality testing professional or then we have the UI vs UX, designer professionals. You will find many resources that will provide you theoretical information about them both. And, will tell you the difference between them. But real learning only comes through experience and practice working on the projects.

What is UX design and UI design

What Is UX Design?

The function of user experience (UX) design is to achieve the highest level of consumer satisfaction among the user on using digital products like websites and applications. The process of user experience (UX) designing involves researching, developing and improving the usability, ease of use and satisfaction in the interaction between the product and the user. The purpose is to enhance the user experience by testing, improving and creating a product that has some value to the user and is pleasing to use.

The UX design uses difference disciplines like interactive design, wireframes, prototypes, information architect, user research, scenarios, usability, etc.

What Is UI Design?

If you want to understand user interface (UI) design, then just understand the buttons, controls, elements, and blocks of an application. These are the visual elements, which help create the feel and unique image of the product for the user. As a UI designer, you will want a good visual design that will catch the eye of the user and ensure a pleasing product experience. To better understand user interface design, picture any application you have used until the date. The menu of the app, screen layout, sitemap, text, colors, forms, checkboxes, tags, images, videos, graphic designs and behaviors of the user when performing a task.

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Differences Between UI and UX or UI vs UX

Focus Is Different For Both

They both carry out research but put to work in a different manner. user experience designer creates personas and does journey mapping to understand the user mindset. This means UX designers focus mainly on the logic part. UI designers think more creative and visual. They will create a prototype that is a hi-fi model. So, when you want to show your customers show the prototype by UI designers and when you are showing a prototype to a programmer show him the prototype by your UX designer.

They Use Different Tools

The roles of UI and UX designers are different, so they also use different tools for their work. The UI designers want high definition images with great quality, thus image editing is of prime importance for them. They use tools like Flinto and Principle. When they want to work in the team the option of InVision is very advantageous.

UX designers’ wireframing saves time and makes designing more efficient. There are various prototyping tools in the market like Mockplus, Balsamiq, and Axure, etc. Each one has its own unique functions that make them helpful.

They Differ In Use Of Colors, Visuals, And Typography

The UI designers make a prototype using different colors, icons, designs, images, and text fonts to give a realistic look. On the contrary, user experience designers use three colors black, white and grey in their prototype design. While making the prototype UX designers focus mainly on general user experience and the user interface designers focus on test efficiency and attractiveness of their user interface design.


Ultimately, you must remember that UI and UX may seem similar but still, they have differences. Where how things look is UI and how things work is UX. The process is UX and what is delivered is UI. Now you know that user experience gives interface usefulness and UI is responsible for the beauty of the interface. Our team of designers understands how to build an emotional connection through user interface design and ensure users accomplish goals through user experience designs.

How Can I Make My eCommerce Website More Attractive?

November 19, 2019

The main purpose of any eCommerce website is to attract maximum customers to bring sales. A great design helps to attract your customers to the website. The first process for a good eCommerce web design company Dubai is to research the mindset of the customers and their buying habits before designing the website. There is an increasing trend of using mobile applications and people are buying online through mobile. So, you need to keep mobile always in your mind while designing because most of your users are going to come from it. As your option for eCommerce web design UAE, we always focus on creating a responsive website.

Ecommerce companies spend a lot of money into the advertisement to bring customers to their website. However, if the website is not attractive it will mean leakage of money with no results.

These five tips will help make your eCommerce website more attractive and increase your sales.

Make A Responsive Design- While designing an eCommerce website always keep in mind mobile and other screens. Thus, having responsive design increases visits to the website. More people are now buying online by mobile. Keeping this trend in mind it is estimated that by 2021, mobile commerce will generate about 75% of the total retail eCommerce in the world. We always keep the trends in mind; this makes us the best option for the eCommerce web design Dubai.

Make Sure Your Ecommerce Website Does Not Look Heavy- When you overdo by putting too much, you simply create confusion for the customer. A confused customer means to higher dropout and down in sales. We give you exactly a clutter-free eCommerce website design as a top web designing company UAE.

Proper Location Of Your Products- The e-commerce website must contain proper categories for the products. The grid layout is especially helpful to differentiate products and compare the prices. This way user can easily find his product. He can then add it to the cart for the final payment.

Have A Simple Navigation- The customers today are very fussy and have limited time to spend on a website. This continues while they are shopping online. A good eCommerce website design must have simple navigation right from the entry point of the user up to the cart and making payment to buy. Various studies show that users leave the website because of poor navigation. This increases the bounce rate of the website and drops in search engine rankings.

Easy Order Placement And Checkout- Along with the navigation ease, you must ensure that adding the product to the cart is easy. And the payment experience should be quick and super smooth. This is where most of the orders are converted and you increase the sale.

The 6 Biggest eCommerce Web Design Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid


An attractive eCommerce website is an automated money-making machine. This requires you to keep the user in mind while designing. As an eCommerce web design agency, we deliver projects with a seamless user experience.

The 5 Biggest Graphic Designing Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

November 11, 2019

A design with a purpose behind it says a lot about your brand. All the global businesses have their graphic designs made with a well-thought strategy in mind. All of us are their customers to some if not all of these companies. What attracts us first to buy their product? The package design lures us to buy the product and then we keep buying it because of its quality.

A simple logo can make or break the brand presence of a company. For example, a sphere-like shape with red, white and blue color is a logo for Pepsi globe. People across the globe recognize this logo and trust it. We are your graphic design companies in UAE that pay attention to your brand requirements and offer the best graphic designing services.

Maximum customers make their decision in a few seconds after seeing your logo, brochure, website, packaging or other design. It is similar to making your first impression that counts. However, many startups do not pay attention to the designing of their marketing material. This way they lose the interest of the prospective customers leading to lower conversions.

Here the role of a good graphic designer comes into play. They help to develop designs that your customers can relate to. We are a top graphic design company in Dubai with experience in different markets and customer understanding. We work with the colors, fonts, images, and illustrations to provide you attractive graphics to engage your customers.

For a beginner or even an experienced pro in graphic designing mistakes are bound to happen. But, those mistakes can be avoided. This article tries to highlight five biggest mistakes that you can avoid in graphic designing and take your business to the next level:

Here Are 5 Common Graphic Design Mistakes To Avoid

Not Paying Attention To The Instructions- The starting point for great design is to know what the purpose of the design is. For this, you need to sit with your client and gather as much information possible. Communication with the clients is very important and as the best graphic design companies, we take it seriously. There is no shame in asking many times if you are not able to understand the instructions or any information. Read the notes multiple times while brainstorming. This will give clarity to the project.

Using Too Many Fonts- There are various options available for the font type and size. If you can imagine it, you can create it. At times, this creates a lot of confusion. Experts suggest not using more than three fonts in a single layout. We are the best graphic design agency with a team of experienced designers to understand the importance of clarity in the design. Sometimes you need to adjust the space between the letters to make them look good. This process is called kerning. It is important because it makes the letter pleasing to the eyes. Always be careful of misusing kerning as it can lead to misinterpretation or spoiling the design outlook.

Misuse Of The Stock Images- It is not wrong to use the stock images for design preparation. But, one thing you should always keep in mind is about the copyright issues. This can land you and your client in trouble. The best thing would be if you get the images from the client himself. Many beginners stuff too many images into a single project. This reduces the overall aesthetic of the design and gives a cheap and unprofessional look. Also, customers have seen so many stock images out there. A design consisting of a stock image on the product package will feel cheap and the customer will not prefer to buy that product.

Not Leaving Enough Space- Congestion is a strict No! No! in any design. Just consider a simple fact of how you will be able to identify a person in an overcrowded place. This same thing applies to graphic designing concepts. The empty space is also referred to as “White Space”. Space is very important, especially while designing for E-learning.

Over Thinking And Non-Innovative Thinking- All the great designs out there are the result of innovative thinking. Graphic designing is a creative work, which requires thinking differently. Being stuck in the box will limit your creativity. Your mind needs to clear out before you start your work. Otherwise, overthinking can damage the results. Keep it simple and plan your work as per the instructions.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Graphic Design


If you are looking for advice then it is best to keep it simple. When you are trying too hard or not at all trying mistakes can happen. Making a simple plan with proper research helps you to avoid any mistakes. Delimp Technology communicates with the clients regularly to deliver the best work.

Warning: These 5 Mistakes Will Destroy Your UI UX Designing

November 6, 2019

UI UX Designing – Websites are norms these days. Even the local businesses are quickly coming online to reach their customers. They understand the need for online presence. What makes these websites work? It is the higher penetration of internet through mobile. More people are now searching for products and services online for our business or company. And websites are the best way to show them what you offer. Bigger the business more it has on stake.

Then how do you determine your website is performing well? It is the time spent and action taken by the visitor. All good UI UX designing companies know that the website is an important part of the marketing strategy for their clients. The time between the entry and exit of the user is very crucial. You want the user to take actions that lead to conversion or sales.

Nowadays many startups have emerged that are mobile application based. Even they need great UI UX designs to keep their target audiences interested. A poor design will mean a loss for their business. This requires a great team of designers who know the exact nature of the target audience and design to get their attention. We have experienced UI UX designers that make us the best UI UX design company in Dubai.

The online environment is highly competitive. You cannot afford to make mistakes because you never know when your competitor goes ahead. It is a learning process. However, keeping these five mistakes can save your UI UX designing efforts and bring more traffic to your website.

5 UI and UX mistakes that destroy the interface

No Mobile-Friendly Design- The time we are living in smartphones rule. This demands responsive web design or mobile-friendly interfaces. The number of users is rapidly increasing who are accessing the websites and applications through their smartphones. In the UAE alone there were more than 230 million smartphone users. Being the best UI UX development company in UAE, we ensure responsive designs.

This is the most common mistake that website designers make by not making it mobile-friendly. It leads to severe losses for the company too. The website should be made on the responsive framework and adjustment done as per various screen sizes. Take your time and do not rush into delivery. Do a double check on the text sizes, images, icons and action buttons with necessary adjustments to give a seamless experience to the users across all devices.

Navigation Is Confusing For The User- To reach a destination you need a roadmap. Similarly, navigation forms a roadmap of your application and website. The user gets important information to use your product with the best experience. Poor navigation increases the bounce rate and the user leaves the site early. A good UI UX design agency knows how to follow a better approach for smoother navigation. Unlike for the desktop mode, leaving the important menus visible on the smaller screen is a good option. Essential links can be added to the homepage for better navigation. 

Not Focusing On The Speed Of The Website- As per data, more than 53% of users leave the slow loading website. We are living in is a fast-moving world. Everyone wants quick results. The Internet is also the same. Slow means you lose the race. Page loading is the most important part of web design. Users love a fast loading website and this creates more interaction. Faster loading websites also witness repeat visits higher than slow websites. Even the search engines rank faster websites higher. Avoid putting unnecessary stuff in the design keeping it as light as possible to load faster.

Cluttering In The Layout- What would you call poor web design. Well, it is filling web pages with images and texts that are not needed. Too much stuffing with images and texts distracts the user. The information on the website is then not organized and has a poor layout. There is a specific place for each button, links, images, and texts. Failure to arrange them properly gives a dull look to your website. You can minimize by writing catchy headlines and using media like videos, graphics and interactive images to draw attention.

Excess Designing- Over enthusiasm is always dangerous. A web designer must stick to the basic rules of web design making. This does not mean you cannot innovate. Your design should be able to bring out the essence of the key elements present on the website. Extra designing adds to the complexity of the website. The user will never like that. This simply means following the simple interactive design over the complex style.

The 6 Biggest ECommerce Web Design Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid



No matter how good a designer you are, you will make mistakes. But having a checklist can help you save a lot of time and hard work. The main purpose of UI UX design is to give a seamless experience to the user at every stage.

The 6 Biggest eCommerce Web Design Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

November 4, 2019

E-retail business is growing very fast. With this, the demand for e-commerce websites is also increasing. To sum up, competition is increasing exponentially. As a business, you need to stay ahead of your competition to survive. Here, the e-commerce website plays an important role to stay ahead in the game. For the website to be effective, you need an attractive e-commerce web design. We are the best eCommerce web design company. Our developers pay great attention to the website structure to help users browse with ease.

Customer experience is a very important part of the e-commerce web design. A great design means a seamless experience of shopping online. Since e-commerce is booming and more people are coming online to shop. The demand is increasing at a rapid pace, also the competition. You need to make a good impression on your visitor right from the word go. Failure in doing so will lead to lower demand. If you need eCommerce web design UAE, we offer flexible services with the expert team in designing and development of e-commerce websites. Over the years, we have learned many things that we need to take care of to make an attractive e-commerce website.

Given below are the 6 biggest mistakes in e-commerce web design that you can easily avoid.

You Have Made A Cluttering Design- Web designing is an art. The user needs a great look and feels while visiting the website. When we talk about e-commerce websites, they are built to make sales too. In this case, your design should catch the eyes in the first look and keep the user on it long enough to make the conversion. However, if you put too much information together it will make the user confuse. It is because the readability is low. We provide engaging solutions for the eCommerce web design Dubai.

You Have Used Low-Quality Images- You need to sell the products through e-commerce portals. Images play a very important role in it. The buyers who visit the website first need to see the image of the product. If the image is of poor quality then depletes the mood of the buyer. We offer e-commerce web design with sharp and high-quality images for the products. Our team understands that a happy user is a happy buyer. By using high-quality images, you ensure they are having good experience of using your website.

You Have Made The Checkout Process Complicated- As per a study by Bayard institute the third most common reason for users dropping out is because of the long and complicated checkout process. This means your conversion rates drop and also your sales. For the best online shopping experience, the user must have a short and fast process to checkout. In this process, make sure you do not hide any tax and shipping cost with each purchase.

Products Description Is Very Confusing- The content on the e-commerce website should always be standard and clear to understand. Any confusing word can demoralize the buyer and change his mood. A clear and engaging description supports the look and feels of your product. The buyer should be able to understand the benefits of the products. Too vague a description of product confuses the customer and leads to drop out. Hire a good copywriter for informative product descriptions.

Design Is Not Responsive With Low Speed- The internet search through mobile is increasing at a very fast pace. More than 65% of people are now using the internet through their mobile. If your design does not support a smaller screen of smartphones and tablets then you are going to lose a lot of business. You can easily find out whether your website is mobile-friendly or not using Google’s mobile-friendly test. Another aspect is that of the speed of loading. You have made a fabulous design but it loads with the speed of a snail. You will lose your customers.

Users Cannot Contact the Support Easily- Ecommerce website is for selling products that means there must be a policy for return or exchange too. Any buyer will first try to understand these policies before making any purchase. Not only this, but they also need support in case of any issue while buying a product. Another case may arise when the product delivered is not up to the mark or different that needs to be exchanged. The customer must be able to contact the website’s customer support in any need. The lack of information decreases customer’s inclination to buy.

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Having confidence in your work is one thing and overconfidence is another. Ecommerce website projects demand greater thinking and care during designing and development.