TOP 12 Benefits of Choosing Customized WordPress Themes

Tuesday May 11, 2021

TOP 12 Benefits of Choosing Customized WordPress Themes

May 11, 2021

Let’s consider that after much research you select the best WordPress development company in Dubai. Now, Taking this ahead, the next question that you would likely to face is whether your WordPress website designer should use inbuilt WordPress themes or they should customize the WordPress themes as per the unique business requirements. Both have their own impressive benefits and it’s crucial to take the decision. 

Now, let’s simplify this a bit for you. If you’re looking to take your business online with WordPress website design in Dubai and you want to stay ahead in the competition by creating a unique brand identity, then a customized WordPress theme would be a great option. Customized WordPress themes not only gives a complete scope to tailormade the website as per the requirements but also provides outstanding features and functionality. Let’s dive deeper into the benefits of the customized WordPress themes and how they can truly leverage the business. This will help you to make the right decision while availing the best WordPress website design in Dubai.

So, here are the impressive benefits of choosing customized WordPress Themes. 


Scalability is the soul of the customized WordPress theme. Imagine if your business wants to create a website that is based on a particular niche. And you want to add the design, interface and theme so that your brand identity is reflected in the website. In short, Here we are talking about the scalability of the website and this is possible with the customized WordPress themes. So, your WordPress development company in Dubai can simply study your business goals and create a unique theme that is best suitable to meet those business objectives. This involves making impressive designs, layouts, navigations and features that are so unique and more importantly reflect your business or brand. 

So, if you want a scalable website design solution you would certainly like to go with the customized WordPress themes providing you complete freedom to scale. 

Unique Brand Identity

Businesses want to tell a unique storyline to connect with the customers. And the great platform to show this is nothing else than a creative website. And, to create this unique brand identity through the website, a customized WordPress theme is the solution. 

With the customised WordPress themes you can create a unique brand identity by choosing what exactly you need to add to the website. For example, you will select the details of the themes, how the interface looks and what will be the overall functionality of the website. Building this unique brand identity through the customized WordPress Theme you can craft websites that bring more business opportunities by engaging more customers. Moreover, you can control what further modifications or changes need to be done if you change your business strategy you can simply make the changes in the theme. 

Mobile Friendly

It is quite clear that the number of mobile device users is going up. The internet is accessed from mobile phones than any other device. Considering this great importance, it is necessary that the website is mobile device friendly. 

With customized WordPress themes you get the complete freedom to optimize your website for mobile devices. You get the controls to actually check the performance of how well a website looks on the devices. Moreover, you can make technical changes and further enhance mobile friendliness. Also, WordPress being the best platform for Mobile Friendliness, you don’t have to spend much time on the technical side. 


Responsiveness is crucial for any website. Imagine if you click and don’t get any response back from the website. What will one do in this case? Yes, they can simply turn to some other more responsive website. So responsiveness has its huge importance in website development. so . as you choose the customized WordPress themes you get the best possible responsiveness and above all, you get the feasibility to optimise to the level you need. 

So, with the Customized WordPress theme, you can make websites with responsiveness that engages users and ensures better results.

Range of Features and Functionality

With the customized WordPress Theme you can encompass the range of features and functionalities which are unique. There are millions of websites created every day and you surely don’t want your website just one among those piles. You would want to make it as creative and functional as possible. So, the customized WordPress theme gives you many options to create the features and functionality as per the requirements

Ready-to-Use Plugins:

Sometimes creating a particular feature in the custom WordPress design development could take time and involve some more cost. There are many ready to use plugins that can be added to the customized WordPress theme without spending more time making them from scratch.

This allows users to add the required features and functionality without spending much time and money and choosing the best available Ready to use plugin in the customized WordPress Theme. WordPress provides a Range of Plugins that are tested and regularly updated to serve the purpose. 

More User Engagement:

Use engagement is the important aim of any website. A customized WordPress theme gives a clear edge for the best user engagement. For example, with the custom themes, you can choose the best interfaces, page layouts and content display that can impress the user. Factors such as UI and UX, responsiveness and designs collectively give rise to the creative website that ensures more user engagements. 

And this helps to increase the overall online sessions, more click-through rates and increased visitors. 


Using the customized WordPress theme gives you complete compatibility in case you want to integrate some other applications or software. These days many businesses prefer to use their websites and link them to their operation software to simplify the working process. And there could be many possibilities for digital channels that you might have to combine with the website to create a complete business solution.

In this case, customized themes can give you the freedom to craft the website and integrate them with the other solution whether it be application or software. 

SEO Compliance: 

SEO can take the business soaring! And hence it is necessary to ensure that while building the website you have taken care of the basic SEO stuff. The benefit of using customized WordPress themes is that you get outstanding grounds for SEO. So that with the little technical considerations you can optimize your website and rank higher on the google results. 

Further, there are inbuilt SEO plugins and tools that WordPress provides which can be further customized and used as per the requirements. 


Websites that take time to load show poor results. A website visitor hardly has any patience to wait for the high loading times. So the website has to have good speed and should load quickly. 

Customized WordPress themes play an important role in increasing the overall speed of the website. This ensures the minimum loading time give outstanding results. 


Customized website themes can create websites that are easily compatible with the different browsers devices or operating systems. This is an essential requirement as there are many browsers and devices available these days. If the website does not have good compatibility then it is likely to get poor results. 

However, customised WordPress themes have outstanding compatibility all across the device and border range. 

Impressive Content Management

Managing content is as important as creating it. Customized WordPress themes provide an excellent platform to manage the content with ease and effectiveness. The innate structure of WordPress allows you to manage the various content elements efficiently and gives impressive results altogether. 

Content management is one of the best benefits that the customized WordPress theme provides. Moreover, by using it to the fullest you can make the most out of it. 

Summing Up

There are countless benefits of the customized WordPress themes. And above all, It impressively gives you the opportunity to make the customized websites as per your needs. So that you can represent your business as you want and make the most from it. It also has benefits such as giving better Return on Investment and increasing the business opportunities!


August 21, 2020

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August 11, 2020

A Stepwise Guide To WordPress Website Designing For Beginners

November 29, 2019

How to Create a WordPress Website

Congratulations! you have chosen WordPress for the website development. WordPress alone accounts for more than 52% of the total website designing globally. It is the most preferred CMS (content management system) in the world. As the top WordPress web development company, we pick the right CMS for our clients as per their need to build a website.

On the contrary, if you are a beginner and looking to kick start your career in website designing. We bring to you an easy steps guide to WordPress website designing. It includes our years of experience in website designing and learning from them.

If You Know These Four Languages It Becomes Easy- The WordPress is built on PHP with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Though it is not necessary to be a wizard in these languages but still basic knowledge of these languages, it helps you to understand WordPress. Our experts have great command over four languages that make us best in WordPress development in UAE.

Follow These Simple Step And Design Your WordPress Website

Get Your Domain Name And Web Hosting– The First step is very simple, you decide what the purpose of your website is. You want it for business, personal use or hobby, and then based on the purpose buy a unique domain name. For hosting, get services of a trusted web hosting service provider. We are the best WordPress development company in Dubai that helps its clients to procure affordable hosting with proper security. We even guide clients into buying a domain name, which is marketable.

Next Install WordPress- You will need to install WordPress on your system. You can install it from the Bluehost marketplace swift install screen for WordPress. You can also manually install WordPress. Now browse through different themes you would like to use. Our experts with thorough knowhow of the CPanel, make us the best WordPress website development company.

Start Your Designing- After installing the WordPress you can choose from the thousands of options of theme available to you. All you need to do is to log in to the WordPress dashboard and select your theme from the Appearance section in the sidebar. You can select the theme based on your purpose. Now install the theme and you are ready to make the customization you want.

It Is Time To Add Content- For now you know how your theme looks but without content, you will not get a clear idea. You can add new pages to your theme by going to the dashboard and clicking on the add new in the pages section. Do not forget to save changes by clicking on the update button.

Get The Plugins To Help Customization- In the end, when you are done with the creation of the post and have updated the content on the website you will get the feel. Plugins are a great help to optimize your website.

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WordPress is a very simple tool to create your own website or blog. WordPress is used by individuals, businesses, and everyone in between! For a beginner, you can install and practice to improve the design of your website or blog.

Do You Make These Simple Mistakes In WordPress Web Development?

October 31, 2019

WordPress Web Development – Global content consumption is increasing every day. This requires a good content management system (CMS) to manage the content properly. WordPress is the leading CMS choice for website developers across the globe. Making mistakes are important as they help us to learn and grow. Mistakes also happen while developing a WordPress website. This is the same for a beginner and an expert developer.

Over the years, as the leading WordPress Website Development Company in Dubai, we have handled many projects building WordPress websites and blogs. We now know how to avoid those mistakes. Avoiding mistakes help save time, money and the growth of the business. From our experiences, we bring to you some of the simple mistakes developers do in WordPress web development:

These Simple Mistakes In WordPress Web Development

You Make A Wrong Choice Of The Platform- There are two types of WordPress. One is, which is a blog hosting service and the other one is, which is a self-hosted WordPress platform. As the best WordPress Development in UAE, we always recommend our clients to start with because it gives you access to all the features required for web development.

You Forget To Set Up Automatic Backup- Before commencing any change it is best to take a back up of all the important files. This you can do manually and automatically. We are the WordPress web development Agency with an understanding of the worth of data. Millions of dollars are lost with the loss of data. Many people lose their entire website without proper backup.

Choosing Wrong WordPress Theme For Your Project- Themes give appearance and important features, which are inbuilt. As the best WordPress Development Company in Dubai, we know how important it is to have a unique design. The consistency of your design has a positive impact on brand value.

Failure To Ensure Optimization For SEO- Just building a website is not enough, you want traffic too. Search engine optimization plays a key role in bringing the right audiences to your website. Layouts and navigations are an important part of the design. There are free plugins like Yoast that help into SEO. Some plugins help you to optimize the size of the images to help them load fast. This helps give a better ranking on the search engine.

Compromise On The Security Of The Website- Data is the most valuable asset nowadays. Many developers forget to ensure the security of their websites. This leads to hacking and loss of data. Also, ignoring the updates from WordPress is not a good practice.

10 Easy And Important Steps To Build A Mobile App

Conclusion- WordPress is a very simple and easy platform to develop your website. Then also, mistakes happen. By keeping your eyes open, you can reduce any simple mistakes or errors. Always remember to double-check your website and follow AB testing to check to work on all features. Delimp Technology offers elegant designs with great features in WordPress web development.

Best Responsive Web Designing Techniques That You Should Know

September 3, 2019

With each year new techniques and trends moving into the invasion. The Responsive Web Design Company in Qatar should perform with the new themes, experiment and discover to see how clients respond to the new revolution. Still, the question is whether to accompany the crowd or to create something diametrically different.

Perceiving to understand the techniques is not that complex; you just have to see around and know what people are receiving into or buying. However, recognizing a trend and its development (the reason behind its popularity) can be challenging. The emergence of new techniques in web designing is frequently the outcome of emerging technologies, SEO augmentation, users’ behavioral differences, and more.


Several brands are shifting towards a variety of Serif fonts for their logo writing. This can quickly become the trademark of organizations becoming matured. It is a system that is staying in 2019 along with described writing style of the brand logo.

This technique of writing in a diversity of Serif fonts with an outlining is overhauling between top brands. The inner space of the alphabet is exhausted that assists in retaining the consciousness of the viewer.

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Glitch Art:

The concept of glitch art becoming a system is maybe because we are so reliant on laptops that we can’t assume a life without them. 

The fulfilling of glitch art is both alluring as and plan and from a design performance viewpoint. It affords an unfamiliar aspect of the time that we are savoring in with the portion of the ambiguity of the future. This web designing art form emphasizes the sense of disorientation while providing a distinct mind-blowing appearance.

In Glitch art, a designer does not have a choice of stuffing the page with too many pictures and content. The art itself requires talking. 

Black & white with essential shapes:

Responsive Web Design Agency in Qatar utilizes black and white to entice viewers to the pages. This is a different way of marketing the brand as when other colors are missing, we understand the textures, forms more explicitly.

While white is more formal and more accurate, black is active and positive. It produces a unique perspective, the yin, and yang for the website. So, at times, to build an exciting effect, the designer leaves a lot of white space or black space and combines a most trivial amount of color on the item that requires to be highlighted. This is excellent to lead a user to a call-to-action button.

Along with this, the transformations between black & white, and even other colors are made with horizontal edges and structural frames.

Customized Design:


All companies require standing out among the crowd and being distinct from the competitors. Therefore the utilization of old general templates for designing is taking a backseat. Responsive Web Design Company in UAE now know the interest of the clients to use templates that have more customization abilities, in case the customer prefers not to design the website from scratch that needs more time and effort.

Businesses are now shifting away from ‘template format’ for web designing. Alternatively, they are encompassing the cohesive and different way of presenting their brand with customized sides. These have an expensive model that provides time to creativity for the brand while building a personality for the brand.

Pop-ups and navigation:

Spectators are least enthusiastic about the pop-ups. They disturb the user’s webpage experience and hinder them from scrolling or relish any other actions that they crave. It’s time for the pop-ups to terminate. Also, with Google’s decision of punishing a site with its SEO ranking if they utilize such pop-ups, is driving designers to remain away from them.

In addition to this, most people perusing websites on mobile devices, Responsive Web Design Agency in UAE now build websites that offer thumb-friendly exploration.

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