How To Start a Successful Ecommerce Business In Dubai – 2021

Monday May 31, 2021

How To Start a Successful Ecommerce Business In Dubai – 2021

May 31, 2021

Dubai is indeed the best place to start an eCommerce business. This is because of its huge internet penetration. UAE collectively has more than  9 Million Internet users which is more than 95%. Moreover, the eCommerce market is going to boom in the upcoming years in Dubai. Considering this great opportunity, it is the right time to begin an eCommerce business. It could be any specific product that you would want to sell online and establish your own business. 

But before you start your own eCommerce business in Dubai you must ask a few important questions. What are the benefits of starting a business in Dubai? What are the steps in building a successful eCommerce business in Dubai?

Let’s begin by taking first and a simple question. Why start an eCommerce business in Dubai? What are the benefits? 

  1. Encouragement to eCommerce: eCommerce is on the top in Dubai. The government has taken the initiatives to boost the eCommerce market through its Dubai eCommerce Strategy. Under this strategic plan, the government is planning to bring more foreign direct investment into its e-commerce space and reduce the Ecommerce operations costs by more than 25%.  So, what could be better than this? 
  1. Great Support To The New Businesses: As per  World Bank’s ‘Doing Business 2020’ report the UAE ranks 16in the ease of doing business. Besides this government provides the benefits such as tax reductions, low operation costs and great networking opportunities. 
  1. Huge Transport Infrastructure: for Transportation and logistics UAE is one of the best in the world. This transformation infrastructure enables the eCommerce companies to take their eCommerce business to the next level. Transportation is one of the main factors for the success of eCommerce, and in Dubai, you have the full fledged transportation facilities. 

So these advantages can be leveraged for your eCommerce business idea. Now with all these benefits by your side, let’s see how you can build an eCommerce business from scratch.

  1. Select Your Product: The very first stage is to decide which product you want to sell online. Finding the product for an eCommerce website could be challenging. But it is better if you start with the product which you know from the inside out. This will help you to build your business nicely in the next stages. Also, you can start selling the products with a limited range first and then expand as you proceed. Focusing on the limited products first will give you a clear idea of the operations of an eCommerce business. Once you become familiar with everything you can bring more product range. 

While selecting the products you should take the following factors into consideration

  • Which products are in demand as per the recent market trends?
  • Check the future scope of the products.
  • Whether the profit margin is good enough.
  • Is there any scope for innovation to stay ahead in the market competition?
  • Check for the inventory and logistics infrastructure needed for the selected product. 

Do Thorough Research

Once you are sure about your product you can check for the market competition. Which are the leading eCommerce companies selling the same product. What has been their business strategy and can you possibly do well in the competitive digital space? While doing the analysis of your possible competitors check every parameter carefully.

Check their eCommerce website tools and features. By this, you will get an idea about the recent trends of a commerce website. Here are some more points to consider while doing research on your competitors

  1. Who are their Target Customers? 
  2. Which is their key product and how they have diversified their products
  3. What are the set product prices and how do they attract customers with the discount slabs?
  4. What are their shipping processes and logistics infrastructure? 
  5. Check their performance over the past years and projections for the upcoming years. 

 Take inspiration from each of your competitors and learn as much as possible. 

Create an eCommerce Business Plan: 

After the detailed research in this stage, you will prepare your own business plan. If you have done research well you will be able to create a perfect eCommerce business plan. 

If you have decided about the product check for the dealers and the companies manufacturing those products.  Select the price tags with them and set price slabs for the various products. Also, decide whether you will have your own transportation infrastructure or you will outsource it. Set up the inventory and stock stores for the operations. Check the cost for all these necessary business steups and choose what is best for you. 

Then plan for your digital infrastructure. This includes your eCommerce website and your marketing strategy and tools. Shortlist the design ideas for your eCommerce website and how you can stand out from the market competition. 

Create Your Ecommerce Website

The website is at the centre of the eCommerce business. All your customers will come to your website and if they are impressed they can further make a decision to buy the product. So carefully decide the design plans for your website. Always check for the recent trends for an eCommerce website and ensure that you have all those latest features and functionality. 

There are some essential features that you need to reflect on your eCommerce website. Features such as Mobile Friendliness Great User Experience Simple and Streamlined Navigation Secure and Simplified Checkouts Quality Payment Gateway Recommended and Related Products, Quality Content Management Online Chat Support and Customer Reviews Module are key for the successful ecommerce website design UAE

Moreover, there are two possibilities: you can design the eCommerce website in-house if you have a good IT infrastructure. else you can give this task to an established eCommerce development company.  The benefits of giving eCommerce development to other companies will help you to focus on the core business and the experts will be handling your eCommerce development. For eCommerce website design Dubai you can check the portfolio of Delimp Technology for their significant work as an eCommerce development company

Market Your Product:

 Once you have a fully functional and creative website you can proceed further with marketing. Set a clear digital marketing plan for your eCommerce website by analysing the current market situation. Select the different marketing channels such as email marketing, Google Ads, PPC, Mobile Marketing or SEO to spread the brand awareness. 

Here are some of the Digital Marketing strategies to consider. 

  • Organic Social Media Connect
  • Advertise on social platforms
  • Create interesting, useful content
  • Optimize your site for SEO
  • Use email promotions
  • Retarget Your Ads
  • Try PPC Google Ads
  • Referral Programs

Maintain The Ecommerce Website:

Maintaining the eCommerce website is also important for an eCommerce business. It is not only a one-time activity, you need to be consistent and check the smooth working of the site. So place all the resources in such a way that there will not be any hurdle in the working of your eCommerce business. 

While maintaining your eCommerce website, always consider whether all the features are working or not. Do frequent performance testing on the eCommerce website and do the necessary changes or modifications. 

You can hire a company to maintain your eCommerce website so that you will be able to only focus more on the eCommerce business operations. This is a fine way to save your resources and time. Delimp has been instrumental in helping eCommerce companies with their website maintenance. You can check Delimp’s portfolio here (Add Link). 

Keep Evaluating:

Once you set up your e-commerce business. Design a great eCommerce website and promote it effectively when you are ready to go. But it is necessary to improve as you go forward in your eCommerce business venture and therefore you must keep evaluating your performance in all aspects. The best way is to take the feedback from the customers and carefully work on them. Keep making the changes for the customer unless and until they are completely satisfied with the shopping experience. Keeping consistency, creativity and customer satisfaction at the top is the key to a successful eCommerce business. 


August 12, 2020

What Is e Commerce, Its Types & The Important Of e Commerce Websites In Business Growth?

December 17, 2019

What is e Commerce – For the past decade, the global economy is in a revival state. After the global recessions in 2008, businesses have to design new strategies for growth. When we talk about business, it is not about only survival but growth also matters. The rise of the online business model is one way to achieve better growth. This gave birth to eCommerce for businesses; you use the power of the internet to sell your products and services.

What is the Meaning of e Commerce?

eCommerce or Electronic Commerce is buying and selling goods, products, and services online. To avail of the services, you need an internet connection but no physical store necessary. When you transfer money, funds, and data, they are considered Ecommerce. Some of the leading eCommerce companies in the world are Amazon, Alibaba, Flipkart, Shopify, eBay, Quikr, OLX, etc. As per an estimate, global retail eCommerce will reach about 27 Trillion USD. This is growing at the rate up and over 20% for the past 5 years. To carry out the eCommerce business, you need a business Ecommerce website. For that, you need to hire a good eCommerce web design company.

What is eCommerce Website?

They are online portals, which contain a list of products and services to display. And facilitate online transactions for their buying and selling. In the early days, emails and phone calls were the ways for eCommerce. Now, a single website has the entire feature. We are the best eCommerce website design company in Dubai, offering years of experience in eCommerce website development.

Different Types Of eCommerce Models

Keeping the parties involved in the transactions, Ecommerce is classified into four categories.

Business-To-Business Model- This is the first type of eCommerce where business-to-business transactions happen. Here one business is selling and the other one is buying. There is no involvement of the final customer in this model. The online transaction is only between the manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, etc. 

Business-To-Consumer Model- In this model, companies directly sell their goods and services to the consumer. The consumer browses the website of the company, looks at the products, pictures, and read reviews. After satisfaction, they place their order and the company ships them the product directly to their address. Some of the examples are Amazon, Flipkart, and Alibaba, etc.

Consumer-To-Consumer Model- This is a very simple model. Here the consumers are directly in contact with each other. No company involvement is seen in this. The people sell their goods, assets or services directly to an interested party. The most common goods traded are cars, bikes, beds, electronics, etc. The well known OLX and Quickr work on this model.

Consumer-To-Business Model- It is a reverse business model to B2C. In this, the consumer provides products or services to the company. For example, an IT freelancer who sells his software to a company.

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Importance Of eCommerce Website In Business Growth

The first half of this article covers details about eCommerce. Now, in the second part, we will cover why eCommerce is important. Any doubt you have until now will be cleared. After reading this, you will know exactly why you should start planning your eCommerce website.

Increases Your Customer Base- Every business needs new customers along with the existing ones to achieve growth. If you are a local business with a physical store, eCommerce website helps you to sell anywhere in the world. There is no geographical limitation. Adding to this emergence of mCommerce is also boosting online business.

Building Brand Presence- The biggest advantage of e-Commerce is it helps boost your brand presence in the market. Your customers can recognize you better. This converts into a higher sale. Proper SEO of the web pages brings more business and increase brand value.

Marketing At Reduced Price- Businesses need extra money in hand to plan growth. At the same time, they cannot compromise with marketing because that brings customers. By going online, you reduce the cost of your marketing. You do not need too many personal to handle marketing or traveling. Also, the cost of marketing through social media and paid Ad services by search engines is a lot less than traditional ways.

Can Influence The Customer With Minimal Effort- Manually it is difficult to follow up on the leads one by one. Automated emails and messages help to reach more customers. The website is live 24*7 that means the customer can anytime visit your website and make a purchase.

Analytics For Better Decision Making- The advantage eCommerce websites offer is that you get complete data on your customer behavior. You also get to know what are your most selling products and services. You can easily make decisions based on them.


Better conversion rates and customized offerings make eCommerce a better choice. Along with this, more people now prefer to shop online. We bet these are enough reasons to have your eCommerce website for better business growth.