What Is the Difference Between UI and UX? UI vs UX Design

Thursday November 21, 2019

What Is the Difference Between UI and UX? UI vs UX Design

November 21, 2019

Finally, you have decided what your product is going to look like and how you want your user to experience it. If you ever wanted to know what is UI UX design all about? Then this is the simplest way to understand them. The UI also called the user interface is responsible for giving the important pointers to the user suggesting the next move. The UX also is known as the user experience gives the user a good experience after following the pointers. Well, this is for the layman to understand the difference between the UI vs UX.

However, if you are a professional who is just beginning to understand the UI UX design differences, then you must dwell a lit tad more. With technology, advancing many lucrative career opportunities has come up. There is an opportunity to work as a web developer, which requires good coding skills, you can be a quality testing professional or then we have the UI vs UX, designer professionals. You will find many resources that will provide you theoretical information about them both. And, will tell you the difference between them. But real learning only comes through experience and practice working on the projects.

What is UX design and UI design

What Is UX Design?

The function of user experience (UX) design is to achieve the highest level of consumer satisfaction among the user on using digital products like websites and applications. The process of user experience (UX) designing involves researching, developing and improving the usability, ease of use and satisfaction in the interaction between the product and the user. The purpose is to enhance the user experience by testing, improving and creating a product that has some value to the user and is pleasing to use.

The UX design uses difference disciplines like interactive design, wireframes, prototypes, information architect, user research, scenarios, usability, etc.

What Is UI Design?

If you want to understand user interface (UI) design, then just understand the buttons, controls, elements, and blocks of an application. These are the visual elements, which help create the feel and unique image of the product for the user. As a UI designer, you will want a good visual design that will catch the eye of the user and ensure a pleasing product experience. To better understand user interface design, picture any application you have used until the date. The menu of the app, screen layout, sitemap, text, colors, forms, checkboxes, tags, images, videos, graphic designs and behaviors of the user when performing a task.

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Differences Between UI and UX or UI vs UX

Focus Is Different For Both

They both carry out research but put to work in a different manner. user experience designer creates personas and does journey mapping to understand the user mindset. This means UX designers focus mainly on the logic part. UI designers think more creative and visual. They will create a prototype that is a hi-fi model. So, when you want to show your customers show the prototype by UI designers and when you are showing a prototype to a programmer show him the prototype by your UX designer.

They Use Different Tools

The roles of UI and UX designers are different, so they also use different tools for their work. The UI designers want high definition images with great quality, thus image editing is of prime importance for them. They use tools like Flinto and Principle. When they want to work in the team the option of InVision is very advantageous.

UX designers’ wireframing saves time and makes designing more efficient. There are various prototyping tools in the market like Mockplus, Balsamiq, and Axure, etc. Each one has its own unique functions that make them helpful.

They Differ In Use Of Colors, Visuals, And Typography

The UI designers make a prototype using different colors, icons, designs, images, and text fonts to give a realistic look. On the contrary, user experience designers use three colors black, white and grey in their prototype design. While making the prototype UX designers focus mainly on general user experience and the user interface designers focus on test efficiency and attractiveness of their user interface design.


Ultimately, you must remember that UI and UX may seem similar but still, they have differences. Where how things look is UI and how things work is UX. The process is UX and what is delivered is UI. Now you know that user experience gives interface usefulness and UI is responsible for the beauty of the interface. Our team of designers understands how to build an emotional connection through user interface design and ensure users accomplish goals through user experience designs.

Warning: These 5 Mistakes Will Destroy Your UI UX Designing

November 6, 2019

UI UX Designing – Websites are norms these days. Even the local businesses are quickly coming online to reach their customers. They understand the need for online presence. What makes these websites work? It is the higher penetration of internet through mobile. More people are now searching for products and services online for our business or company. And websites are the best way to show them what you offer. Bigger the business more it has on stake.

Then how do you determine your website is performing well? It is the time spent and action taken by the visitor. All good UI UX designing companies know that the website is an important part of the marketing strategy for their clients. The time between the entry and exit of the user is very crucial. You want the user to take actions that lead to conversion or sales.

Nowadays many startups have emerged that are mobile application based. Even they need great UI UX designs to keep their target audiences interested. A poor design will mean a loss for their business. This requires a great team of designers who know the exact nature of the target audience and design to get their attention. We have experienced UI UX designers that make us the best UI UX design company in Dubai.

The online environment is highly competitive. You cannot afford to make mistakes because you never know when your competitor goes ahead. It is a learning process. However, keeping these five mistakes can save your UI UX designing efforts and bring more traffic to your website.

5 UI and UX mistakes that destroy the interface

No Mobile-Friendly Design- The time we are living in smartphones rule. This demands responsive web design or mobile-friendly interfaces. The number of users is rapidly increasing who are accessing the websites and applications through their smartphones. In the UAE alone there were more than 230 million smartphone users. Being the best UI UX development company in UAE, we ensure responsive designs.

This is the most common mistake that website designers make by not making it mobile-friendly. It leads to severe losses for the company too. The website should be made on the responsive framework and adjustment done as per various screen sizes. Take your time and do not rush into delivery. Do a double check on the text sizes, images, icons and action buttons with necessary adjustments to give a seamless experience to the users across all devices.

Navigation Is Confusing For The User- To reach a destination you need a roadmap. Similarly, navigation forms a roadmap of your application and website. The user gets important information to use your product with the best experience. Poor navigation increases the bounce rate and the user leaves the site early. A good UI UX design agency knows how to follow a better approach for smoother navigation. Unlike for the desktop mode, leaving the important menus visible on the smaller screen is a good option. Essential links can be added to the homepage for better navigation. 

Not Focusing On The Speed Of The Website- As per data, more than 53% of users leave the slow loading website. We are living in is a fast-moving world. Everyone wants quick results. The Internet is also the same. Slow means you lose the race. Page loading is the most important part of web design. Users love a fast loading website and this creates more interaction. Faster loading websites also witness repeat visits higher than slow websites. Even the search engines rank faster websites higher. Avoid putting unnecessary stuff in the design keeping it as light as possible to load faster.

Cluttering In The Layout- What would you call poor web design. Well, it is filling web pages with images and texts that are not needed. Too much stuffing with images and texts distracts the user. The information on the website is then not organized and has a poor layout. There is a specific place for each button, links, images, and texts. Failure to arrange them properly gives a dull look to your website. You can minimize by writing catchy headlines and using media like videos, graphics and interactive images to draw attention.

Excess Designing- Over enthusiasm is always dangerous. A web designer must stick to the basic rules of web design making. This does not mean you cannot innovate. Your design should be able to bring out the essence of the key elements present on the website. Extra designing adds to the complexity of the website. The user will never like that. This simply means following the simple interactive design over the complex style.

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No matter how good a designer you are, you will make mistakes. But having a checklist can help you save a lot of time and hard work. The main purpose of UI UX design is to give a seamless experience to the user at every stage.