The 6 Biggest eCommerce Web Design Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

The 6 Biggest eCommerce Web Design Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid,

E-retail business is growing very fast. With this, the demand for e-commerce websites is also increasing. To sum up, competition is increasing exponentially. As a business, you need to stay ahead of your competition to survive. Here, the e-commerce website plays an important role to stay ahead in the game. For the website to be effective, you need an attractive e-commerce web design. We are the best eCommerce web design company. Our developers pay great attention to the website structure to help users browse with ease.

Customer experience is a very important part of the e-commerce web design. A great design means a seamless experience of shopping online. Since e-commerce is booming and more people are coming online to shop. The demand is increasing at a rapid pace, also the competition. You need to make a good impression on your visitor right from the word go. Failure in doing so will lead to lower demand. If you need eCommerce web design UAE, we offer flexible services with the expert team in designing and development of e-commerce websites. Over the years, we have learned many things that we need to take care of to make an attractive e-commerce website.

Given below are the 6 biggest mistakes in e-commerce web design that you can easily avoid.

You Have Made A Cluttering Design- Web designing is an art. The user needs a great look and feels while visiting the website. When we talk about e-commerce websites, they are built to make sales too. In this case, your design should catch the eyes in the first look and keep the user on it long enough to make the conversion. However, if you put too much information together it will make the user confuse. It is because the readability is low. We provide engaging solutions for the eCommerce web design Dubai.

You Have Used Low-Quality Images- You need to sell the products through e-commerce portals. Images play a very important role in it. The buyers who visit the website first need to see the image of the product. If the image is of poor quality then depletes the mood of the buyer. We offer e-commerce web design with sharp and high-quality images for the products. Our team understands that a happy user is a happy buyer. By using high-quality images, you ensure they are having good experience of using your website.

You Have Made The Checkout Process Complicated- As per a study by Bayard institute the third most common reason for users dropping out is because of the long and complicated checkout process. This means your conversion rates drop and also your sales. For the best online shopping experience, the user must have a short and fast process to checkout. In this process, make sure you do not hide any tax and shipping cost with each purchase.

Products Description Is Very Confusing- The content on the e-commerce website should always be standard and clear to understand. Any confusing word can demoralize the buyer and change his mood. A clear and engaging description supports the look and feels of your product. The buyer should be able to understand the benefits of the products. Too vague a description of product confuses the customer and leads to drop out. Hire a good copywriter for informative product descriptions.

Design Is Not Responsive With Low Speed- The internet search through mobile is increasing at a very fast pace. More than 65% of people are now using the internet through their mobile. If your design does not support a smaller screen of smartphones and tablets then you are going to lose a lot of business. You can easily find out whether your website is mobile-friendly or not using Google’s mobile-friendly test. Another aspect is that of the speed of loading. You have made a fabulous design but it loads with the speed of a snail. You will lose your customers.

Users Cannot Contact the Support Easily- Ecommerce website is for selling products that means there must be a policy for return or exchange too. Any buyer will first try to understand these policies before making any purchase. Not only this, but they also need support in case of any issue while buying a product. Another case may arise when the product delivered is not up to the mark or different that needs to be exchanged. The customer must be able to contact the website’s customer support in any need. The lack of information decreases customer’s inclination to buy.

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Having confidence in your work is one thing and overconfidence is another. Ecommerce website projects demand greater thinking and care during designing and development.