Top 10 Mobile App Ideas for UAE Business Owners

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As per the studies, people are spending more and more time on mobile as compared to other things this will definitely going to increase in the near future. We all live in the 21st century and we all use mobiles from ordering food to traveling, even to purchasing clothes so we can say the growth and usage of mobiles are inevitable. As we talk about growth, the mobile app is going to play an important role in that.

How a Mobile App Can Turn the Situation Completely?

And most of the companies on this list are mobiles apps or have mobile apps for example Amazon, BYZU, Bharatpe, and so on

So why are these countries focusing too much on their unicorns?

Let me tell you why.

The country’s growth is directly proportional to the number of unicorn companies because they not only provide employment but also increase their country’s export. For example, Amazon is not only providing employment but also increasing the soft power of the USA.

There are so many other benefits of it. So why is U.A.E. (United Arab Emirates) left behind? If these countries are earning billions of dollars just by Mobile Applications then why not UAE?So here comes the main question.

On Which Mobile App Ideas Uae’s Businessmen Work?

1. Social Media Mobile App

Social media apps are the most used and downloaded applications in the world. Every second person you know is available on different- different social media platforms like china has TikTok, the USA has Facebook, and India has the Koo app. So why don’t you make an app which is UAE oriented?

2. E-Commerce Mobile App

Every country has its local specialization products which its government doesn’t promote properly, as a local citizen of UAE you are familiar with each and every part of your country. So, why don’t you promote it with your app or any digital medium and sell all those things on one platform?

3. Educational Mobile App

Education is the key factor in any country’s growth. The more educated country’s population the better decision they can take for example in India there are two very popular apps that provide different things regarding education.

  • BYZUs teach students of 1st to 12th standard and whose valuation is more than 20 billion
  • Unacademy is the app that prepares people for government exams and the valuation of this application is over 2 billion dollars

So, why don’t make any of these kinds of applications for example you build an app that can help people of the U.A.E. for their government exams like for the army, in R&D, in the high ranking exams, and so on … by doing this you are not increasing your revenue but also helping your people and your country.

4. Culture Mobile App

UAE is promoting itself as a cultural hub of the world. So why don’t tell the world about your own culture and other cultures by using your own applications?

5. Digital Payment Mobile App

UAE just did an M.O.U. with India in which the Indian/ people of UAE can easily use the UPI for the transnational process. So you can build an application that can use UPI and make money transfer easy like Google pay, Paytm, etc.

6. Grocery Home Delivery Mobile App

In any part of the world, people don’t have time for all these small- small things. So in every country, there is one application that dominates the market, for example, in India, there are Zomato and Swiggy that deliver food items in under half an hour. So you can help people as well as tourists to have local food and things at a good price.

7. Traveling Mobile App

UAE/Dubai is known for its tourism for that you need to do lots of traveling. So, you can build an app that can help the tourist to visit a local place and help/tell them, how to avoid scams or which things to avoid. You can build an application with the UI in this way so that you can offer different-different packages to people and they can choose from the above optional which is more relevant for them.

8. Skill Development Mobile App

Skills are the most important part of any country/individual’s growth. So you can build an application that not only helps them but also your country. As UAE is trying to diversify its economy to avoid an oil crisis in the upcoming future.

9. Home Rental Mobile App

Tourism and oil production are two main income sources for the UAE government and there are people who come for travel or even to do jobs. So can help people to help them to find a room or shop at a relevant price like a local Airbnb.

10. Job Searching Mobile App

Everyone wants to get a better job even the people who are living in UAE. So you can build an app that can help them to get a better job like LinkedIn.

In the end, I would like to say that you can also earn billions of dollars all it depends on your timing and execution and you have to also remember that your first step is a crucial step

There are so many companies in the world that just copied all the application ideas as it is and applied them to their own country with some different marketing strategies and they all are unicorns so why not you? But also remember timing and execution are very important players. So why don’t you, build your own mobile app or Hire someone like an Android app development company like Delimp or an app developer who can do this for you? And become the billionaire of UAE as they are all the best app ideas to implement.