Why Thin Content Still Ranks as a Top SEO Issue to Solve

SEO Strategy - Why Thin Content Still Ranks as a Top SEO Issue to Solve

What is SEO & How to Rank Number One on Google?

SEO Strategy – SEO which is generally referred to as Search engine optimization is basically a service that is provided by Companies basically to make your website ranked at number one. But does it really work? Yes, it does. But nowadays, there is so much fraud going on. Do you think why am I saying so? Let me tell you in brief.

Once I was going through web content and what I noticed about it was that it was a thin content. Yes, a thin content problem was there in it which is quite a dangerous and menacing for other websites which operate on the Internet and it is also one of the Top SEO Issue. Isn’t it a problem? My SEO analyst or forecaster was the one who made me notice this fact otherwise I would have just skipped those things.

There is much content on the Internet which is worth ranking and their owners think that why they don’t have a rank on Google or other web searching stations, but it is very important to note that people should be very calm while doing so. Don’t worry if you don’t rank well.

SEO Marketing – Improve Your Rankings in SERP

There are many websites who used to own thin content and still they have a good ranking on the search stations. One such example includes when I saw a B2B leading site on the Internet which used to deal with the making of Industrial parts and my SEO analyst made me understand the fact that this website, particularly is receiving 140% more attention and viewers as compared to the progress of last years. This site is getting a whole bunch of inquiries.

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After so much of information and inquiries I noticed that there were so many latest websites which were established in past months and those websites were generally linked to mobile and I saw that there was so much of thin and low content on it which made me believe that “thin” content is still a very severe problem that relates to all the websites out there.

After the updating of 2011 Panda, there is still a concern about Thin Content

There are so many problems that are related to search engine optimization and the issue of thin content is just not new to SEO. In February 2011, Google commenced something new in the internet world which was mainly known as Panda update which focused mainly on the inferior and substandard sites which have very low and thin content. There were a number of sites which were the reprimand and punished for having such cheap and thin content which was ultimate of little or no value. So it’s the time to glance at best content marketing tips. However, this is not it there were solutions that were invented to solve the problem of thin content.

Some of the solutions for Thin Content

1) The first and foremost step included recognizing the sites having thin content as it is very terrible and dreadful of the strength of SEO. There were many sites that created thin content so they were penalized or SEO audit would have warned them. So, for those sites, it was really very important to plan something very tough which can fix their problems.

2) To cut it or to improve it? Now, this was the question in front of the site owners. Site owners often have this tendency of reacting in a very uncertain manner when they get to know about their sites which have thin content. They think to remove all of it. But this is not the only solution left is the problem of thin content can be fixed by making efforts towards the site and then it can definitely stand on its feet.

3) The website owners must keep their content to the point so that it does not look like a waste of time. The keywords should be such that people could have searched for it and it cannot be poorly rated. The choice is always with the owner of the website which can make it to the best or lose it anyways.

People might not be aware of the fact that how thin contents actually look like. There are so many examples of how thin content was when we actually went through the approach of content improvement.

Some of the examples include – SEO strategy

  • There were many sites whose content was copied or scraped from somewhere.
  • There were sites that lack possible keywords. And keywords are the only technicality which can rank your websites

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The SEO analyst suggested the website owners various SEO Strategy and Tips improve the content as much as they can. Some pages were rewritten, some were optimistically changed, and some were even reviewed. The important information on the site was given a good description and they were thoroughly explained by brief clarification and justification as well. So, these were some SEO strategies that really worked wonders and the problem of thin content was solved to a great extent.