Maximizing Client ROI: 10 Expert Pay-Per-Click Strategies for Agencies

Pay Per Click

Recent statistics reveal that companies will spend $190.5 billion on search advertising worldwide in 2024. If you are an agency providing pay-per-click advertising services, then you are on the brighter side.

However, you may encounter certain challenges, like increased competition, client expectations, and constantly changing platforms for providing these services. The online marketing scenario is highly competitive. New agencies and freelancers can make it harder to secure clients. PPC platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads often update their algorithms, policies, and ad formats. It is essential to keep up with them. Handling client expectations can be difficult, mainly at times when they expect immediate results.

So, here we have discussed ten fruitful tips that will help you sell more clients on PPC.

10 Ways for Agencies to Sell More Clients on Pay-Per-Click

Selling PPC to clients involves effectively communicating the advantages of PPC campaigns and demonstrating how this type of online advertising can help them reach their goals. Given below are ten actionable tips to sell more clients on pay-per-click.

1. Inculcate the Utility of PPC Campaigns to the Clients

The first tip is to efficiently inform your client about the advantages of PPC advertising and campaigns. Clearly explain to them what PPC is, how it works, and the various platforms (Google ads, Facebook ads, etc.). Make them understand that with PPC ads, they can reach their audience cost-effectively, get instant traffic, drive new leads, and lead to positive ROI. 

2. It is Essential to Follow Up

It is crucial to consistently follow up with your client. Efficiently nurture any inbound leads through the marketing funnel before closing the sale for your PPC services. You can also create referral programs to get new clients and reward the existing ones. 

3. Be Conscious of their Business

Before coming up with a plan, it is important to understand your client’s business. Dedicate some time to dive into your client’s industry, target audience, marketing goals, and objectives. Then tailor your PPC proposal based on their specific requirements of paid media marketing.

4. Improve Your Lead Generation

In the world of PPC advertising, it is necessary to look for leads. Try to increase your advertising efforts and examine how much your lead generation is increasing. Before selling PPC services to the client, it is good to figure out if your client’s business is appropriate for PPC advertising or not. Determine if they have enough budget to make the campaign worthwhile, and do they have a website with a coherent landing page?

5. Set Clear Goals

Work firmly with the client to set definite and realistic goals for pay-per-click campaigns. Clients may generally have goals like generating leads, increasing the website’s traffic, or driving sales. Having measurable objectives will display the value of your services.

6. Explain Budget Allocation Aptly

Be clear about how the PPC budget will be allocated as per the social media marketing platforms. This is the amount your client is willing to spend each day on the ads. For this, you will need to know thoroughly about the lead quality, target cost per lead (CPL), buying cycle, visitor frequency, and geographic location. 

7. Collaborate with Integral Agencies or Businesses

If you have a specialized agency only for PPC services, then you may collaborate with partners and other agencies that provide commendatory digital marketing services, etc. They could be web development services, graphic design, or PR agencies. It will help to sell your services to their clients and expand your client base.

8. Focus on Targeting, Quality Score, and Ad Relevance

Clearly indicate the precise targeting options available in pay-per-click advertising. Elucidate how you will reach the ideal audience based on demographics, location, and online behavior. Demonstrate the importance of quality scores in Google Ads and how they impact ad placement and cost per click. Highlight the need for creating highly relevant ad copy and landing pages to improve the quality score.

9. Master Your Pay-Per-Click Sales Pitch

One of the strategic tips to acquire more clients is to excel in your sales pitch. A key to pitching PPC to a client is to demonstrate how a campaign can be tailored to the client’s exact social media marketing requirements. The better you can match the specific requirements, the easier it will be to close the client.

10. Provide Superior Customer Service

It is recommended to skillfully respond to common objections of the client, like “I have an SEO campaign for paid media marketing”, and “PPC is expensive”. Further, you should always provide enhanced customer service. Addressing the client’s concerns promptly and proactively suggesting improvements leads to forming strong client relationships.


So, these were the ten actionable tips to sell more clients your pay-per-click advertising services. It is always good to start by understanding your client’s business, industry, audience, and requirements. Then, you may customize your offerings to their specific needs and pitch your proposal. Following up and connecting with the clients frequently has its own benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising?

Ans. PPC advertising is an online advertising model where advertisers pay a fee each time their ad is clicked. It’s a way to buy visits to your site rather than earning those visits organically.

Q2. Why is PPC important for agencies looking to expand their client base?

Ans. PPC offers targeted advertising, measurable results, and immediate visibility. Agencies can show clients a direct correlation between ad spend and results, making it an essential tool for client acquisition.

Q3. How can agencies optimize their PPC campaigns for maximum impact?

Ans. Agencies should focus on keyword research, compelling ad copy, landing page optimization, and continuous monitoring. Regularly analyzing data and adjusting campaigns accordingly is key to success.

Q4. How do agencies choose the right keywords for their client’s PPC campaigns?

Ans. Thorough keyword research is essential. Agencies should consider relevancy, search volume, and competition. Long-tail keywords can be valuable for targeting specific audiences and reducing competition.

Q5. What role does ad copy play in PPC campaigns?

Ans. Compelling ad copy grabs attention and encourages clicks. Agencies should create clear, concise, and persuasive copy that aligns with the user’s search intent and highlights the client’s unique selling points.