Top 5 E-commerce Web Development Trends for 2021

Top 5 Ecommerce Web development Trends for 2021,

The eCommerce business is soaring higher than ever. So, in the fiery competition of the eCommerce space, it is necessary to keep pace with the growing technology. TheeCommerce companies that understand the technology trends and craft the e-commerce platforms by using the new technology in e-commerce Website Development have more chances of succeeding. 

As the statistics over the past few years suggests, e-commerce companies that focus on innovation and the latest trends have seen significant growth in their revenue generations. Besides, the latest eCommerce website design trends have boosted the overall online shopping sessions and have increased sales. On the other hand, the eCommerce companies which failed to identify and reflect the eCommerce Website Development trends have trailed behind.

So, here are the top 5 E-commerce Development Trends for 2021 which help every e-commerce business to identify, understand and implement.

Voice Assistants & Voice Search:

Voice Search

There is the growing popularity of using voice search and voice assistants for online activities. Voice searches have also become an important aspect of eCommerce website design. Even though the Voice search is in its earlier phase for online shopping, 65% of people who regularly use the voice speakers are likely to buy the product and services using Voice Commerce-and this is just a beginning! The numbers are projected to rise exponentially in the upcoming years. So, the eCommerce company which will encompass and adopt the Voice Commerce tools and technology in their eCommerce website design and development have the opportunity to increase their revenue by more than 30%2021. 

Last year, it was noted that voice commerce is already expanding and helping companies to increase revenue. Voice commerce features were credited for around $2 billion of sales in the US and are projected to grow more than 30 billion by 2022. Also, the E-commerce web design in Dubai has begun to deploy Voice commerce features to facilitate the local customers and provide more agility to the platform. The trend for Voice Commerce in eCommerce Website Development is expected to grow consistently all over the world in the upcoming years. Some of the tips in crafting the best Voice Commerce are:

  • Create a unique voice experience for the customers
  • Identify the best Voice Commerce tools and solutions and deploy them in the eCommerce Website Development.
  • Optimise the platform for Google and Amazon Voice Search Algorithms to list better through Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Design effective voice-based navigations on the eCommerce website.
  • Ensure seamless shopping experience through voice search queries.
  • Predictive analytics by identifying the early pattern information on the e-commerce platform.



Customers these days are preferring chatbots to get instant replies to their simple queries. With Chatbots, e-commerce companies can build frontline connectivity with the customer to solve general and simple queries instantly. As more than 60% of internet users prefer chatbots to solve their queries instantly, it is essential for eCommerce companies to adopt these tools in eCommerce Website Development. Imagine an eCommerce platform without a chatbot: a customer visits the online store and intends to buy the product but he has a simple query. He thinks over it and finds no other option than emailing the customer care which he feels is time-consuming. So, unfortunately, he walks away without buying anything at all. To avoid this, it is necessary to include a chatbot system eCommerce Website Development that ensures a quick reply to the simple queries and holds the customer till the end and helps the sales.

According to the excerpts, the eCommerce website design should have chatbots and without them, there could be a significant loss in the overall revenue generation in the upcoming years. So encompassing the best Chabot solution in the eCommerce Website Development will ensure the effective engagement of the customers. Whether it’s a Magento web developer or a WordPress Web developer it is necessary for the platform designer to encompass the best chatbot solution in the respective platform. Some of the important tips for using Chatbots are:

  • Explore and Select the best Chabot solution on the basis of various performance characteristics.
  • Provide quality customer support through chatbots
  • Build an effective information base for the auto-reply to the customers
  • Handle the leads generated through ChatBots effectively
  • Gather valuable feedback from the customers and apply them regularly
  • Recommend the products to increase the business opportunity
  • Test the Chabot regularly and ensure a seamless experience for the customers

Social Commerce:

Social Commerce

Social media has a central importance in boosting the sales of an eCommerce business. It is estimated that more than 75% of customers depend on their social media networks to make shopping decisions. Besides, people follow different brands they intend to buy or already using this allows eCommerce companies to engage, hold and retarget the customers effectively.

Integration of social media networks with the e-commerce website is one of the major trends. The integration of the social networking platforms and E-commerce enables the companies to multiply the marketing efforts as people share, suggest and recommend the project on the various online social media platforms. Also, people are more conscious of the things discussed and recommended on social media platforms which make Social Commerce an effective trend. Also, to take the right product to the right customer, Social Media helps a lot. The customers can be targeted precisely on the basis of the data matrix which includes the demographics and other important customer behaviour patterns. The Social commerce trend is widely implemented in nearly all platforms including Magento Web Development.

  • Select and priorities your Social Shop platforms such as Instagram Shop, Facebook Shop, Twitter or Pinterest.
  • Integrate the Social Shop with your E-commerce Website.
  • Promote the products on social media through uniquely advertisements and posts
  • Encourage the people to review your products and suggest in their social networks
  • Optimise the social media accounts and creatively target the audience through posts and stories

Progressive Web Applications PWA:

Progressive Web Applications

There has been a continuous rise in online shopping through mobile devices. Also, the conversion rates are higher for users of mobile devices. This makes it one of the driving aspects of the e-commerce business. So, making the eCommerce site more mobile device friendly is the key to boost the eCommerce business. However, it may not be possible for small businesses to create or invest in expensive native applications. In such cases, PWA becomes an effective saviour. By using PWA e-commerce companies can provide outstanding mobile experience to the users. PWA provides countless benefits to the eCommerce business by effectively engaging the customers and providing an enhanced shopping experience. The statistics have indicated that, In recent times, the Ecommerce Web Design Dubai & Abu Dhabi has significantly preferred PWA Application as it is showing impressive response.

Technically PWA runs through the browser but gives the experience of the native application with the essential features such as Application Access through the home screen, push notifications, and offline application access. PWA technology is rising as headless eCommerce configurations are getting momentum. PWA can be used in the front to give an enhanced, responsive and experience similar to that of application. Further integrating with the APIs gives an outstanding collaboration and attracts the customers boosting the overall revenue. So, the PWA must be given prime importance in the eCommerce website design.

Benefits of the Progressive Web Apps in eCommerce Website design:

  • Enhanced user experience to engage the customers effectively.
  • Reach a wider audience base effectively.
  • Reduced Development Cost and Time.
  • Impressive performance Speed and Agility.
  • Outstanding conversion rates and high ROI.

Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been one of the essential technical elements of the eCommerce website that enables smart product recommendations. Use of Artificial intelligence in eCommerce website design has been evolving and smarter recommendation on the basis of the consumer behaviour is yet to be fully explored. This exploration of Artificial intelligence will continue in 2021 and the years to come. AI will keep ushering the businesses in placing the right product to the right customers, price management and accurate targeting of the customers.

AI helps the eCommerce businesses In:

  • AI enables the business to understand their customer completely through their behavioral pattern on the eCommerce platform
  • It provides means to make the decisions and build impressive revenue
  • AI helps to create automation which not only reduced the workload but provides an instant shopping experience to the customers
  • Enhanced the overall shopping experience through the precise recommendations on the basis of the various parameters such as product categories and costs etc.

Summing Up:

Since Ecommerce businesses are ready to thrive in the year 2021, it is essential that they reflect all the recent trends in their eCommerce website design and development. The only key to staying ahead in the dynamic competition of the digital space is the technology itself. The recent trends of e-commerce web development such as Voice Assistants & Voice Search, Chatbots, Social Commerce, Progressive Web Applications, Artificial Intelligence, should be explored by the eCommerce companies and a comprehensive eCommerce platform should be crafted. Such an impressive eCommerce website design will generate more revenue streams and will boost the overall profitability of the commerce business.

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