How To Start a Successful Ecommerce Business In Dubai – 2021

Monday May 31, 2021

How To Start a Successful Ecommerce Business In Dubai – 2021

May 31, 2021

Dubai is indeed the best place to start an eCommerce business. This is because of its huge internet penetration. UAE collectively has more than  9 Million Internet users which is more than 95%. Moreover, the eCommerce market is going to boom in the upcoming years in Dubai. Considering this great opportunity, it is the right time to begin an eCommerce business. It could be any specific product that you would want to sell online and establish your own business. 

But before you start your own eCommerce business in Dubai you must ask a few important questions. What are the benefits of starting a business in Dubai? What are the steps in building a successful eCommerce business in Dubai?

Let’s begin by taking first and a simple question. Why start an eCommerce business in Dubai? What are the benefits? 

  1. Encouragement to eCommerce: eCommerce is on the top in Dubai. The government has taken the initiatives to boost the eCommerce market through its Dubai eCommerce Strategy. Under this strategic plan, the government is planning to bring more foreign direct investment into its e-commerce space and reduce the Ecommerce operations costs by more than 25%.  So, what could be better than this? 
  1. Great Support To The New Businesses: As per  World Bank’s ‘Doing Business 2020’ report the UAE ranks 16in the ease of doing business. Besides this government provides the benefits such as tax reductions, low operation costs and great networking opportunities. 
  1. Huge Transport Infrastructure: for Transportation and logistics UAE is one of the best in the world. This transformation infrastructure enables the eCommerce companies to take their eCommerce business to the next level. Transportation is one of the main factors for the success of eCommerce, and in Dubai, you have the full fledged transportation facilities. 

So these advantages can be leveraged for your eCommerce business idea. Now with all these benefits by your side, let’s see how you can build an eCommerce business from scratch.

  1. Select Your Product: The very first stage is to decide which product you want to sell online. Finding the product for an eCommerce website could be challenging. But it is better if you start with the product which you know from the inside out. This will help you to build your business nicely in the next stages. Also, you can start selling the products with a limited range first and then expand as you proceed. Focusing on the limited products first will give you a clear idea of the operations of an eCommerce business. Once you become familiar with everything you can bring more product range. 

While selecting the products you should take the following factors into consideration

  • Which products are in demand as per the recent market trends?
  • Check the future scope of the products.
  • Whether the profit margin is good enough.
  • Is there any scope for innovation to stay ahead in the market competition?
  • Check for the inventory and logistics infrastructure needed for the selected product. 

Do Thorough Research

Once you are sure about your product you can check for the market competition. Which are the leading eCommerce companies selling the same product. What has been their business strategy and can you possibly do well in the competitive digital space? While doing the analysis of your possible competitors check every parameter carefully.

Check their eCommerce website tools and features. By this, you will get an idea about the recent trends of a commerce website. Here are some more points to consider while doing research on your competitors

  1. Who are their Target Customers? 
  2. Which is their key product and how they have diversified their products
  3. What are the set product prices and how do they attract customers with the discount slabs?
  4. What are their shipping processes and logistics infrastructure? 
  5. Check their performance over the past years and projections for the upcoming years. 

 Take inspiration from each of your competitors and learn as much as possible. 

Create an eCommerce Business Plan: 

After the detailed research in this stage, you will prepare your own business plan. If you have done research well you will be able to create a perfect eCommerce business plan. 

If you have decided about the product check for the dealers and the companies manufacturing those products.  Select the price tags with them and set price slabs for the various products. Also, decide whether you will have your own transportation infrastructure or you will outsource it. Set up the inventory and stock stores for the operations. Check the cost for all these necessary business steups and choose what is best for you. 

Then plan for your digital infrastructure. This includes your eCommerce website and your marketing strategy and tools. Shortlist the design ideas for your eCommerce website and how you can stand out from the market competition. 

Create Your Ecommerce Website

The website is at the centre of the eCommerce business. All your customers will come to your website and if they are impressed they can further make a decision to buy the product. So carefully decide the design plans for your website. Always check for the recent trends for an eCommerce website and ensure that you have all those latest features and functionality. 

There are some essential features that you need to reflect on your eCommerce website. Features such as Mobile Friendliness Great User Experience Simple and Streamlined Navigation Secure and Simplified Checkouts Quality Payment Gateway Recommended and Related Products, Quality Content Management Online Chat Support and Customer Reviews Module are key for the successful ecommerce website design UAE

Moreover, there are two possibilities: you can design the eCommerce website in-house if you have a good IT infrastructure. else you can give this task to an established eCommerce development company.  The benefits of giving eCommerce development to other companies will help you to focus on the core business and the experts will be handling your eCommerce development. For eCommerce website design Dubai you can check the portfolio of Delimp Technology for their significant work as an eCommerce development company

Market Your Product:

 Once you have a fully functional and creative website you can proceed further with marketing. Set a clear digital marketing plan for your eCommerce website by analysing the current market situation. Select the different marketing channels such as email marketing, Google Ads, PPC, Mobile Marketing or SEO to spread the brand awareness. 

Here are some of the Digital Marketing strategies to consider. 

  • Organic Social Media Connect
  • Advertise on social platforms
  • Create interesting, useful content
  • Optimize your site for SEO
  • Use email promotions
  • Retarget Your Ads
  • Try PPC Google Ads
  • Referral Programs

Maintain The Ecommerce Website:

Maintaining the eCommerce website is also important for an eCommerce business. It is not only a one-time activity, you need to be consistent and check the smooth working of the site. So place all the resources in such a way that there will not be any hurdle in the working of your eCommerce business. 

While maintaining your eCommerce website, always consider whether all the features are working or not. Do frequent performance testing on the eCommerce website and do the necessary changes or modifications. 

You can hire a company to maintain your eCommerce website so that you will be able to only focus more on the eCommerce business operations. This is a fine way to save your resources and time. Delimp has been instrumental in helping eCommerce companies with their website maintenance. You can check Delimp’s portfolio here (Add Link). 

Keep Evaluating:

Once you set up your e-commerce business. Design a great eCommerce website and promote it effectively when you are ready to go. But it is necessary to improve as you go forward in your eCommerce business venture and therefore you must keep evaluating your performance in all aspects. The best way is to take the feedback from the customers and carefully work on them. Keep making the changes for the customer unless and until they are completely satisfied with the shopping experience. Keeping consistency, creativity and customer satisfaction at the top is the key to a successful eCommerce business. 

Importance of Digital Marketing in The Pandemic

May 14, 2021

In the Covid19 pandemic, Businesses relied on Digital Marketing to promote their products and services. Since the internet became the Centre of nearly everything, Digital Marketing In the Pandemic proved to be rewarding for brands than ever. In short, the pandemic had a  considerable positive impact on Digital Marketing. All the digital marketing elements proved to be beneficial for the businesses.  For example, because of a surge in online activities, The cost per result went down and the Return On investment improved phenomenally. 

Digital Marketing proved effective in the pandemic because of two simple reasons. First, because people were spending much time online being confined to their homes. Second, consumers were only favoring the online purchase of products and services. This gave a clear opportunity to the businesses to create the essence of their brand identity by using the tools of  Digital Marketing. Moreover, different strategies of Digital Marketing have seen different responses during the pandemic. For instance, Social Media Marketing proved effective to some of the companies whereas creating innovative content proved to be a key to engage the audience for some. So, let’s understand the impact and importance of each and every arm of Digital Marketing In The Pandemic. Also, Some effective tips to further optimize the Digital Marketing Strategy during the pandemic are also suggested. 

Social Media Marketing

During the pandemic, Social Media has become the main platform for updates, trends and information. The time spent on the social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn was more than ever. Here the businesses got a great chance to represent their products and services and create a unique identity among the customers.  

But even after this great opportunity, not every business could successfully use Social Media Marketing. Why? Simply because of the lack of unique storytelling. During the pandemic, unique storytelling and creating the new trends among the users worked above everything else. And the brands which successfully replicated this were the top makers from the Social Media Marketing. 

So here are some quick helping tips for your business to optimise the Social Media Strategy during the Pandemic: 

  1. Creative Content is the key; so focus on creativity as much as possible.
  2. Video content proved to be more valuable for the audience, try and experiment with the video content. 
  3. Use specific engagement features in the social media platform such as creating polls and quizzes. 
  4. Build a unique storyline around your brand. Keep the distinct voice and tone.
  5. Invest in the Paid Social Media Ads as the Return On Investment is solid during the pandemic. 

Search Engine Optimization

With the increase in the use of the internet, there has also been a great rise in the search queries on Google. This clearly indicates a solid impact that Search Engine Optimization can have on businesses during a pandemic. SEO has proved to be effective to stay ahead in the competition by ranking high in the search results. Also, working on Search engine Optimization now will give long term benefits. Because SEO is going to be relevant and effective even after covid 19 pandemic. 

So here are some of the effective Search Engine Optimization Strategies that you can imply directly for better results. 

  1. SEO needs consistency. So, keep the long term marketing goals in mind while working on the SEO strategy.
  2. Give importance to  Long-form content for better SEO during the pandemic.
  3. Follow Local Business tactics that will be helpful for small and medium scale businesses. 
  4.  Target Coronavirus related keywords
  5. Identify the trending themes and target keywords accordingly

For better results, you can simply hire an agency with a better skill set. Also, To find the best SEO company in Dubai you can check the previous records and the portfolio of the company. Select these parameters carefully while selecting The SEO services company in Dubai. Remember to choose the SEO company in Dubai by considering the long term SEO. Considering this all and being a leading SEO Company In Dubai we at Delimp Technology offer comprehensive SEO services for our clients. 

Pay Per Click Campaigns

PPC emerged as the most cost-effective tool during the pandemic. The average cost per click reduced to 50%  and what could be more impressive than that! The equation for this great price reduction was simple. More people were online, giving a wide audience base to the selected keywords. And a business that wanted to make a short term impact on their business for a specific product or service used this opportunity very well. 

So taking this ahead, how can optimize the Pay Per Click Campaigns to keep the cost per click as low as possible and still get the best results?  Here are some of the tips that would help you to create a great PPC campaign during the pandemic. 

  1. Identify the best Ad schedule and set the campaign accordingly. 
  2. Keep checking the performance metrics and tweak the campaign accordingly.
  3. Choose the keywords that give you good results and keep doing changes at each stage.
  4. Find the keywords and adjust them as the campaign proceeds.
  5. Make use of the analytics and make improvements.

Email Marketing

As we know email marketing is one of the most reliable forms of Digital Marketing. In the Covid19 pandemic, it is again proved to be the most effective. During the pandemic, it is noted that the open rate increased by more than 4.7 average points. This means clearly that email marketing has been able to engage the audience effectively during the pandemic. 

Moreover, email marketing has proven to be the most cost-effective medium of digital marketing In the pandemic, as it showed more precise results with considerable low cost per result.

Here are some of the tips to make an outstanding Email Marketing Strategy:

  1. The email should be personalised and creative enough to engage the customer
  2. Keep the complete balance between the tone and style.
  3. Don’t create click baits, try to add some value
  4. Analyse your results after every email campaign
  5. Try to cut the campaign into different segments if possible for better results and time to analyse. 

Content Marketing

Throughout the pandemic, people have spent more time on various categories of content be it video, text or audio. This increased appetite of the Content all over the world has been realised by the brands to create their own identity. By providing valuable Guides, Blog Posts and even free Courses have allowed the business to engage the audience. Content has been proved not only effective but also turned out to be great for the business growth. A business that focused on creating innovative content ideas has been able to hold the attention of the customers and were even able to convert them. 

Now, let’s see some tips to craft the best Content Marketing Strategy during the Pandemic:

  1. Do Analysis & Evaluation of Your Existing Strategy
  2. Craft Creative, engaging and value-adding Blog Posts
  3. Give importance to different types of content especially Videos and Podcasts
  4. Create content for different channels with outstanding designs and storytelling
  5. Focus on educating the audience through the content and adding more value than just a promotion. 

Remember, monitoring the Content Marketing Strategy at each stage is very important. Keep checking what works best for your business and then tweak the content accordingly. 

Summing Up:

Whether Digital Marketing In The Pandemic is effective? The answer is Yes! This is indeed the right time to build an online presence through Digital Marketing. Customers are moving online so do the businesses. There is much more scope and space to target the customers effectively. And Remember, the outcomes of Digital Marketing In the Pandemic are not only limited to the limited time but it can have a long positive impact.

TOP 12 Benefits of Choosing Customized WordPress Themes

May 11, 2021

Let’s consider that after much research you select the best WordPress development company in Dubai. Now, Taking this ahead, the next question that you would likely to face is whether your WordPress website designer should use inbuilt WordPress themes or they should customize the WordPress themes as per the unique business requirements. Both have their own impressive benefits and it’s crucial to take the decision. 

Now, let’s simplify this a bit for you. If you’re looking to take your business online with WordPress website design in Dubai and you want to stay ahead in the competition by creating a unique brand identity, then a customized WordPress theme would be a great option. Customized WordPress themes not only gives a complete scope to tailormade the website as per the requirements but also provides outstanding features and functionality. Let’s dive deeper into the benefits of the customized WordPress themes and how they can truly leverage the business. This will help you to make the right decision while availing the best WordPress website design in Dubai.

So, here are the impressive benefits of choosing customized WordPress Themes. 


Scalability is the soul of the customized WordPress theme. Imagine if your business wants to create a website that is based on a particular niche. And you want to add the design, interface and theme so that your brand identity is reflected in the website. In short, Here we are talking about the scalability of the website and this is possible with the customized WordPress themes. So, your WordPress development company in Dubai can simply study your business goals and create a unique theme that is best suitable to meet those business objectives. This involves making impressive designs, layouts, navigations and features that are so unique and more importantly reflect your business or brand. 

So, if you want a scalable website design solution you would certainly like to go with the customized WordPress themes providing you complete freedom to scale. 

Unique Brand Identity

Businesses want to tell a unique storyline to connect with the customers. And the great platform to show this is nothing else than a creative website. And, to create this unique brand identity through the website, a customized WordPress theme is the solution. 

With the customised WordPress themes you can create a unique brand identity by choosing what exactly you need to add to the website. For example, you will select the details of the themes, how the interface looks and what will be the overall functionality of the website. Building this unique brand identity through the customized WordPress Theme you can craft websites that bring more business opportunities by engaging more customers. Moreover, you can control what further modifications or changes need to be done if you change your business strategy you can simply make the changes in the theme. 

Mobile Friendly

It is quite clear that the number of mobile device users is going up. The internet is accessed from mobile phones than any other device. Considering this great importance, it is necessary that the website is mobile device friendly. 

With customized WordPress themes you get the complete freedom to optimize your website for mobile devices. You get the controls to actually check the performance of how well a website looks on the devices. Moreover, you can make technical changes and further enhance mobile friendliness. Also, WordPress being the best platform for Mobile Friendliness, you don’t have to spend much time on the technical side. 


Responsiveness is crucial for any website. Imagine if you click and don’t get any response back from the website. What will one do in this case? Yes, they can simply turn to some other more responsive website. So responsiveness has its huge importance in website development. so . as you choose the customized WordPress themes you get the best possible responsiveness and above all, you get the feasibility to optimise to the level you need. 

So, with the Customized WordPress theme, you can make websites with responsiveness that engages users and ensures better results.

Range of Features and Functionality

With the customized WordPress Theme you can encompass the range of features and functionalities which are unique. There are millions of websites created every day and you surely don’t want your website just one among those piles. You would want to make it as creative and functional as possible. So, the customized WordPress theme gives you many options to create the features and functionality as per the requirements

Ready-to-Use Plugins:

Sometimes creating a particular feature in the custom WordPress design development could take time and involve some more cost. There are many ready to use plugins that can be added to the customized WordPress theme without spending more time making them from scratch.

This allows users to add the required features and functionality without spending much time and money and choosing the best available Ready to use plugin in the customized WordPress Theme. WordPress provides a Range of Plugins that are tested and regularly updated to serve the purpose. 

More User Engagement:

Use engagement is the important aim of any website. A customized WordPress theme gives a clear edge for the best user engagement. For example, with the custom themes, you can choose the best interfaces, page layouts and content display that can impress the user. Factors such as UI and UX, responsiveness and designs collectively give rise to the creative website that ensures more user engagements. 

And this helps to increase the overall online sessions, more click-through rates and increased visitors. 


Using the customized WordPress theme gives you complete compatibility in case you want to integrate some other applications or software. These days many businesses prefer to use their websites and link them to their operation software to simplify the working process. And there could be many possibilities for digital channels that you might have to combine with the website to create a complete business solution.

In this case, customized themes can give you the freedom to craft the website and integrate them with the other solution whether it be application or software. 

SEO Compliance: 

SEO can take the business soaring! And hence it is necessary to ensure that while building the website you have taken care of the basic SEO stuff. The benefit of using customized WordPress themes is that you get outstanding grounds for SEO. So that with the little technical considerations you can optimize your website and rank higher on the google results. 

Further, there are inbuilt SEO plugins and tools that WordPress provides which can be further customized and used as per the requirements. 


Websites that take time to load show poor results. A website visitor hardly has any patience to wait for the high loading times. So the website has to have good speed and should load quickly. 

Customized WordPress themes play an important role in increasing the overall speed of the website. This ensures the minimum loading time give outstanding results. 


Customized website themes can create websites that are easily compatible with the different browsers devices or operating systems. This is an essential requirement as there are many browsers and devices available these days. If the website does not have good compatibility then it is likely to get poor results. 

However, customised WordPress themes have outstanding compatibility all across the device and border range. 

Impressive Content Management

Managing content is as important as creating it. Customized WordPress themes provide an excellent platform to manage the content with ease and effectiveness. The innate structure of WordPress allows you to manage the various content elements efficiently and gives impressive results altogether. 

Content management is one of the best benefits that the customized WordPress theme provides. Moreover, by using it to the fullest you can make the most out of it. 

Summing Up

There are countless benefits of the customized WordPress themes. And above all, It impressively gives you the opportunity to make the customized websites as per your needs. So that you can represent your business as you want and make the most from it. It also has benefits such as giving better Return on Investment and increasing the business opportunities!